Animated Mummies Lurk in the Halls

September 26, 2014|
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Hello folks! The first thing I want to say is, big thanks for the fantastic feedback on the Pre-Order Trailer! You guys truly deserve a full blown sequel and we are going to squeeze our best to deliver that for you on October 15th!

These are the final days before we freeze content creation for the game and focus entirely on bug fixing and other release related technicalities. In the mean while, we animators have finally decided to break the silence and expose some of the black magic we use in our animation for Legend of Grimrock 2. Well, to be honest, actually there is nothing too sophisticated, just bare to the bone simple and robust stuff. But in case you have been wondering what’s going on in the animation department of the mysterious and secluded Isle of Nex, this is your chance to sneak in. Please, let me show you around!

Monster Rigs Variation

Monster Rigs Variation

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August 13, 2014|

As a ratling you may seem weak and disease ridden on the surface, but you are actually one of the most adaptable and hardy creatures in the world. You are hoarder in nature and greatly enjoy fiddling with mechanical contraptions… As some of you may know, we’re introducing a new playable race in Legend of Read More »

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