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February 24, 2015|
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As you may know, for last two months or so we have been quite busy porting Grimrock to new platforms. The beta of the iPad version is progressing well and we are also getting really close to the release of Grimrock 2 for Mac. If you’d like to give us a hand, we are happy to announce that the beta version of Grimrock 2 for Mac is now available on Steam!

The beta is available for Steam customers who have already purchased the PC version of Legend of Grimrock 2 from Steam, or if you are a brave soul and don’t mind paying for beta software, you can also get immediate access to the beta if you buy the game from Steam now. Notice that Mac version icon is still missing on the Steam store page, it will be added when the final version is released.

We know many of you would like to test the standalone version of the game, and we thank you for that, but unfortunately there is no feasible way for us to handle the distribution and version controlling of beta software on multiple non-Steam platforms. We are doing our best to keep the beta as short as possible, so that you don’t have to wait for too long.

The requirements for the Mac version are (these may still change for the final version):
– OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.
– Processor: 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor minimum, 2.5 GHz or better recommended.
– Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum (may require lowering texture resolution), 4 GB or more recommended.
– Graphics: OpenGL 3.2 capable graphics card, Intel HD Graphics 5000 minimum, Geforce GT 650M or better recommended.
– Hard Drive: 2 GB available space needed.

Once you have the game in your Steam library, do the following to opt-in to the beta:

1) Right-click on Legend of Grimrock 2 in your Steam client on a Mac and choose Properties from the menu. If Legend of Grimrock 2 is not shown in your games library, choose “Games” from the drop-down above the library view to display all your games, not just your Mac games.

2) Choose “mac_beta2” from the betas dropdown and click Ok.

3) The game should now download.

If you have problems downloading the game, restarting the Steam client usually helps.

The latest version is currently 2.2.3 (displayed in the lower left corner of the main menu). If you notice any problems, the best way to contact us is to post in the Mac beta thread in the Grimrock forums. You can also contact us at

Thank you very much for your help!

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  1. VaclavC says:

    Glad to hear it, but what about Linux port?

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