Grimrock 2 Update 2.1.17

November 11, 2014|
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The second patch for Legend of Grimrock 2 is now out! The patch will update the game to version 2.1.17 and fixes several issues and also extends modding capabilities.

Steam version: the game should automatically update soon. If the game does not update in a few hours, restarting the Steam client should help.

Standalone version: if you are playing the standalone version, please download the patch that updates the game installed on your computer.

GOG version: The patch also works with GOG installations but there is a slight kink. When a dialog appears saying that an existing installation can not be found and the patcher asks “Abort Installation?”, select No. You have to then navigate to the installation location of your GOG version of Legend of Grimrock 2.

We have sent the patched version to GOG and Humble Store and it will take some for them to process and make the new version available through their channels.

Here are the full release notes:

– tweaked a treasure instruction hint
– improved sewer pentomino puzzle reset logic
– fixed some cosmetic issues in levels
– mods: improved support for custom classes, races, skills and spells
– mods: added lots of new scripting functions and hooks
– bug fix: burnt out torch deal fire damage
– bug fix: ghost item appears on the ground when spawning an item into champion’s inventory
– bug fix: game can crash while digging in cemetery
– bug fix: saving the game while falling crashes
– bug fix: magma golem’s spit attack crashes after loading a save game
– bug fix: block puzzle in sleet island can get into unsolvable state
– bug fix: minor ceiling shaft visual glitch in Ruins of Desarune
– bug fix: fixed typos in item descriptions
– bug fix: an item on a magic bridge sometimes does not fall when the bridge disappears
– bug fix: healing crystals slowly drift from their initial position during the course of the adventure
– bug fix: dungeon editor crashes when ‘[‘ is typed into asset browser’s find box
– bug fix: dungeon exporting fails if dungeon contains script entities with external scripts
– bug fix: audio volume is not correct when changing current level immediately after waking up

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