Grimrock 2 Update 2.1.13

October 22, 2014|
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We have just released a patch that updates Legend of Grimrock 2 to version 2.1.13. The patch fixes multiple issues, including some crash bugs, so it’s recommended that everybody updates to the latest version.

Steam version: the game should automatically update soon. If the game does not update in a few hours, restarting the Steam client should help.

Standalone version: if you are playing the standalone version, please download the patch that updates the game installed on your computer.

GOG version: The patch also works with GOG installations but there is a slight kink. When a dialog appears saying that an existing installation can not be found and the patcher asks “Abort Installation?”, select No. You have to then navigate to the installation location of your GOG version of Legend of Grimrock 2.

We have sent the patched version to GOG and Humble Store and it will take some for them to process and make the new version available through their channels.

The patch is fully compatible with old save games. Here are the full release notes:

– fixed typo in a potion description
– improved precision of dual wielding damage calculations
– zarchtons no longer drop harpoons (this was not intended behavior)
– added missing embalmer’s pants to the game
– fixed jeweled scepter’s 3D model to fit inside chests
– fixed errors and clarified attribute tooltips
– clarified battle mage description (a magical staff is needed to get the +10 bonus to resistance or protection)
– changed resistance bonuses: strength now affects resist fire, dexterity affects resist shock, vitality affects resist poison and willpower affects resist cold
– added hit sound to pushable blocks (does not apply to old save games)
– optimized opening of automap
– fixed “odd behavior of certain rock piles” when throwing items at them
– renamed trait: Weapon Specialization -> Martial Training
– tweaked stun effect to be less subtle
– tweaked chest map icon so that an exclamation mark icon on top of a chest is more visible
– improved precision of boss fight progress bar
– nerfed poison cloud’s poison effect
– bug fix: items can’t be thrown from mouse cursor when standing in front of a open secret door
– bug fix: a spell that was cut from the game during development can be cast by fiddling with the rune panel
– bug fix: loading certain save games can sometimes crash with “could not resolve monster group member with id XXXXX” error
– bug fix: buckler’s evasion bonus does not work (does not apply to old save games)
– bug fix: knight’s shield bonus does not work
– bug fix: max epic items statistics is wrong (should be 17, not 16)
– bug fix: viper roots can spawn under water and die immediately
– bug fix: healing potion effect is played on the wrong portrait if party formation is changed
– bug fix: fireburst and similar spells can be cast inside pushable blocks (does not apply to old save games)
– bug fix: automap is not updated when falling down a level
– bug fix: game crashes when alt-tabbing during loading screen
– bug fix: item auto pickup logic does not take elevations into account (causes problems at the Skyway puzzle)
– bug fix: some map graphics are not shown on the automap after loading a save game
– bug fix: loading certain save games can sometimes crash with “inflate failed – ran out of available bytes” error
– bug fix: moving monster leave behind invisible blockers (very rarely) when the party is asleep
– bug fix: sleep darts put monsters to sleep even if the attack misses
– bug fix: armor set is considered to be equipped when shield is in inactive quick slot
– bug fix: monsters can fall down from ledges when they are leap attacking and party is standing on ladders
– bug fix: thrown items collide with marble statues behind the party when throwing items at the Shipwreck Beach
– bug fix: venom edge icon has a black smudge
– bug fix: rope can be used to climb down to a pit which has a teleporter over it
– bug fix: spell casting panel and potion crafting panels stay open when champion’s hand is injured
– bug fix: if the healing crystal is on a platform, the healing crystal is not shown on the map
– bug fix: player can climb ladders while overloaded

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