Character classes and races revealed

October 13, 2014|
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Only two days left before Legend of Grimrock 2 lauches, so we figured it would be a great time to reveal the various character creation options now, so that you can start planning for your ultimate adventuring party.

The first thing to choose is your race. The races are:

Human: Humans are very adaptable and can excel in all professions. Humans gain experience points 10% faster.

Minotaur: Minotaurs are bulky, simple and quick to anger. Their incredible stubborness is tolerated by others only because of their incredible prowess in combat. Minotaurs have the following modifiers to attributes: Strength +5, Dexterity -4, Vitality +4, Willpower -3. Minotaurs are always hungry and their food consumption rate is 25% higher than normal.

Lizardman: Lizardmen are a social outcast and are mistrusted by other races because of their capricious and deceitful nature. What they lack in social skills they greatly make up for in stealth and dexterity. Lizardmen have Dexterity +2 and Willpower -2. In addition their thick scales protect them from the elements (Resist All +25%).

Insectoid: Insectoid’s thoughts are completely alien to other races. Insectoids come in many shapes and sizes but most often their bodies are covered with a thick shell. Their knowledge of the arcane is unrivaled. Insectoids have Strength +1, Dexterity -2, Vitality -1 and Willpower +2. In addition their hard shell protects them from being wounded (-50% chance of getting a body part injured).

Ratling: Ratlings may seem weak and disease ridden on the surface, but they are actually one of the most adaptable and hardy creatures in the world. Ratlings are hoarders by nature (Max Load +15kg) and greatly enjoy fiddling with mechanical contraptions. Ratlings have Strength -4, Dexterity +2 and Evasion +2. Ratlings are immune to effects of diseases.

Each race has special traits that can be chosen in character creation. For example, some Lizardmen have Fast Metabolism which makes them regenerate health and energy 30% faster while some Lizardmen have even thicker scales which makes them very protected against elemental damage (additional +25% bonus to resistances).

Classes in Grimrock 2 are more flexible than in Grimrock 1. The classes give the characters a starting point and nudge towards a path without forcing it upon them. Every class can advance in the 16 available skills as they like. For example, nothing is stopping your Fighter to learn some magic as long as you advance your Fighter in the spell casting skills.

The classes determine your character’s health and energy and special abilities. The classes are:

Alchemist: Alchemists are the masters of potion brewing. Herbs automatically grow in the alchemist’s inventory during his journey on the island. Alchemists are also proficient with firearms (firearms have 50% less chance to malfunction).

Barbarian: Barbarians do not care about finesse in combat. Instead they rely on raw power and speed. Barbarians Strength is increased by 1 for every level they gain. Barbarians start with the largest amount of health points of all classes and their health grows rapidly as they gain levels.

Battle Mage: Battle Mages are comfortable with fighting in the front row as well as blasting with spells from the back row. They gain moderate amount of health and energy at 1st level. Like Wizards they are natural spellcasters and can cast spells with their bare hands. In addition, when a Battle Mage is equipped with a staff they gain bonuses to their defense.

Fighter: Fighters are masters of close combat. They are great at using special attacks of melee weapons (special attacks with melee weapons take half the time to build up and cost 25% less energy).

Knight: Knights believe that good preparation is the key to triumph in combat. Knight’s Protection value increase by 1 point per level and they are masters of using armor (weight of equipped armor is reduced by 50% and Evasion bonus of equipped shields is increased by 50%).

Rogue: Rogues are stealthy warrior who usually fight with ranged weapons or light melee weapons. When dual wielding they suffer only 25% penalty to weapon damage (normally 40%). Also their chance of scoring a critical hit with missile or throwing weapons is increased by 1% per level.

Wizard: Wizards are natural spellcasters who can cast spells with bare hands. For added effect they sometimes use enchanted staves and orbs to enhance their spellcasting abilities. Wizards have low health but high energy. They also get +2 bonus to their Willpower.

In addition there is a secret eighth class. You have to wait until Wednesday to find out yourself what it is. It is meant for advanced players and changes a core aspect of the game in a radical way.

Your character can also be customized by picking two traits and leveling up two skills of your choise (three if you have the Skilled trait). You can also pick your portrait from the 48 beautiful portraits available. If you can’t make up your mind about some aspect of character creation you can also let the fate decide: name, race, class, attribute scores, skills and traits can all be randomized if you so prefer. Oh, the random name generator has been updated. Say hello to Vaedar Dragonchild and Gamzam Fellsinger!

There you have it in a nutshell. What kind of adventuring party will you make?

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