Big News!!! We're in Beta, Teaser for LoG2 and LoG iOS!

August 21, 2014|

Big news indeed! Oh boy we’re super-excited to tell you that we are now officially in BETA! And it’s about time! We have been burning the midnight oil for so long that all our dreams are now filled with visions directly from the Isle of Nex. The game, a raw diamond which we have been carefully chiseling and polishing so long, is now finally coming together and it’s starting to feel really good. That doesn’t mean that the work ends here. Beta is actually a beginning, a beginning to make the game meet all your high expectations. It’s time to balance all the thousands of gameplay parameters and finetune the gui and optimize the game, and… You get the point! All the features we’ve planned are in and just waiting for some TLC

But before you mail us offering to kindly join the beta-test team… It’s going to be a closed beta again, sorry. Closed beta worked really well with LoG1 and we’re looking to repeat the process. By giving beta access to a carefully selected group of people, we can personally interact with the testers much better and thus get better and more accurate feedback.

The game has been playable from the beginning to the end for some time now and now that we have had one complete playthrough and several cheated speed-throughs we have some idea about the length of the game. It’s looking like Grimrock 2 is going to be around 25% longer than Grimrock 1 but more testing by us and our betatesters is still needed to confirm this.

Like mentioned, all the features of the game are in, but there’s still much work to do. Our Venerable List of Things To Do is constantly getting added with new entries even as we are hammering on the things at the other end of the list. But we are fighting hard to empty the list before the launch. Btw. on top of the list we have things like memory and performance optimizations and tutorial. Below that lots and lots of smaller tweaks and fixes and then of course testing, testing and more testing…

To celebrate all this, we have published a new teaser trailer for Legend of Grimrock 2. Here you go:

But that’s not all (I’ve always wanted to say that)! Many of you may be wondering what the heck happened to the iOS version of Legend of Grimrock!? And rightly so. The truth is we really, really would have liked to work on it, but there never has been enough time to truly make it happen. We care so much about the quality of our games that hiring some random dude who we do not know personally to do the porting work just did not seem right to us (no offence to “the random internetz folks!”). But now things have changed. A friend of us and a coder extraordinaire, Juha Pinola has now been working on the iOS version of Legend of Grimrock 1 for some time and the game is shaping up really well. We do not know the release date just yet other than “when it’s done” but we’ll let you know when we know, ok? The game isn’t just a direct port from the PC version of Legend of Grimrock. We have always felt that the game wouldn’t work on touch screens straight out of the box but needed a few custom mechanics to get the benefits of the touch interface.

So there you have it! No more secrets between you and us (or is there?!?). We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the iOS version and the development of Grimrock 2. We also hope to be able to soon officially announce the release date of Grimrock 2…

Be excited, be very excited!

-Juho and Petri on behalf of the Almost Human crew

22 responses to “Big News!!! We’re in Beta, Teaser for LoG2 and LoG iOS!”

  1. lordnightwinter says:

    So much awesome here. Oh how I would love to get my hands on that beta. lol

  2. 2lee says:

    That’s GREAT news guys! You rock!!! I’m looking forward for the iOS version too – seeing the screenshot I hope there will be an option to switch those control/attack panels 😉

    • petri says:

      Yep, even in our small team we are divided about the placement of controls, so we can pretty much promise already that they can be switched. But the correct placement of movement arrows is of course on the right side 🙂

  3. Jack Dandy says:

    Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Diarmuid says:

    Great news! 🙂

  5. j.wordsworth says:

    Excellent! Just let us know when we can pre-order and I’ll be there :p. Can’t wait to see some gameplay footage.

    Great to see that there are efforts for porting the first game to iOS. I understand that there could well be problems with running user-modifiable Lua on iOS due to quirky Apple licensing but if LOG1 were moddable on iOS that would be absolutely amazing. Endless hours of mobile dungeon crawling fun.

  6. Pumpelche says:

    Amazing. Don’t sleep. Don’t eat. Don’t talk. Don’t drink. Just test and finalize and roll it out!

    On the other hand… drink. Nothing more inspiring than a small sip of Teerva 😉

  7. eobet says:

    Why are the portraits so small? You are breaking up what could be a very nice straight line along the bottom by doing that. My aesthetic sense as well as the obsessive-compulsive part of me is screaming! 🙂

    If it’s to see objects at the floor better, couldn’t you just please tinker with the FOV a bit?

  8. araczynski says:

    good to hear about LoG2, and it also being on iOS, sounds like an ideal place for this style of gaming. wish you luck.

  9. MrZigglesworth says:

    So excited for this. Is there any chance and Android port will happen?

  10. Esenthel says:

    That’s so cool!
    Both about LoG2 and the iOS port. I’m getting very excited.

    I’m making my own RPG dungeon crawler for mobile/desktop by the way 🙂
    Still in development haha, a few photos on my FB page:

    Waiting for more news!

    • szcot says:

      Your game looks really good. I don’t do the facebook but I will keep an eye out for it. Don’t know how your going to distribute but I would buy it. Keep at it, awesome.

  11. erbazzone says:

    Great, I don’t find the “throw my money” button.

  12. sullam says:

    Congratulations to your whole team! It must feel really good to have once again come this far! I’m looking forward to playing LoG II and providing many a friend with a copy!

    • petri says:

      Thank you! We have been working on LOG2 for almost two years soon. It’s been a long road, indeed. But then again some of us have worked on projects that have lasted longer than LOG1 & LOG2 combined. The last months of development are usually very stressful but at the same time very fun & rewarding when all the pieces start coming together.

  13. sullam says:

    Oops, almost forgot, I too would really like to see Android support for LoG as well!

  14. szcot says:

    I said it once I’ll say it again although it is surely to late if it hasn’t been done but…
    Bring back water! Nobody wants to chew on giant snail meat without something to wash it down.
    Plus it is more fun. I like how it helps to punish you for just trying to sleep off your injuries and adds another bit of strategy.

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