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As a ratling you may seem weak and disease ridden on the surface, but you are actually one of the most adaptable and hardy creatures in the world. You are hoarder in nature and greatly enjoy fiddling with mechanical contraptions…

As some of you may know, we’re introducing a new playable race in Legend of Grimrock 2. There is no place in the Northern Realms without them scurrying around. They have spread all over the lands as they seem to wander around endlessly and seldom stay in one place for a long time. Those creepy rodents are sometimes hated and feared for their scruff looks and contagious diseases they bear. But hardly anyone denies the fact that they find their way around the realms and that they are known to be some of the most seasoned creatures there is.

When you pick a ratling in the game’s character generation section, you get to choose your looks from the portrait gallery, done by our friend Emile Denis. Read more about the creation of the new portraits in here. In game terms ratlings have Strength -4, Dexterity +2, Max Load +15kg and are immune to diseases. Ratlings also get a chance to pick a special racial Mutation trait which boosts one randomly chosen ability score by 1 at level up.

But ratlings are not only found in your party. Like mentioned above, ratlings are everywhere and I mean everywhere, even on the Isle of Nex. Ratlings often enlist to ship crews and pirate galleys to roam the seas of the realms and some of them have shipwrecked and get stranded on the Island. On the Isle of Nex they have nested in the western parts of the island, but they often wander about the island but carefully avoid “The Boss”. Whenever you smell gunpowder in the air, you’re sure to know there’s ratling pirates around.

5 responses to “Ratlings!”

  1. sinus says:

    Cue “Guardians of the Galaxy” Rocket Raccoon comparisons in three, two, one… 😀

  2. Jack Dandy says:

    Fuck yeah, Skaven!

  3. Stebe says:

    Once again, I’m not going to read any of the post text(I hate, hate, HATE spoilers of all kinds!), but that is some bad-ass rat art, straight out of Battletoads! <3

    • Telcontar says:

      I think you can safely read up to the first picture; the text contains information on the class that you will otherwise find when you create your new party. So that would “spoil” information that you get within the first five minutes of the game.
      If you want to be extremely careful, just read the first paragraph and then stop; no stats/game info there 🙂

  4. zeltak says:

    Oh man, I love these ratlings already. Considering to make my first party entirely out of ratlings..

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