Grimrock 2 Music Production

August 5, 2014|

We are getting nearer to the finish line and one of the remaining things on our todo list for Grimrock 2 is music production. Like in Grimrock 1, in-game audio will only consists of ambient sounds and sound effects. This is a deliberate design choice and we think it really helps immerse you as the player to the world we have created. In Grimrock 1 we only had the Grimrock theme playing in the main menu, but this time we also have intro and outro cinematic videos and for those we need a cinematic score.

Enter Scoring Helsinki. Scoring Helsinki is a group of four music industry professionals with a studio conveniently located in Helsinki just a fifteen minute ride from our office. The guys approached us a few months ago and simply blew us away with their demo tracks. It did not take long for them to convince that they were the perfect guys for this job. Simply put, Perttu, Hannu and Henri of Scoring Helsinki are super-talented and the most hardworking guys we have had the pleasure working with. We can really recommend these guys, should you need Hollywood grade music for a movie, or soundtrack for a game, these guys can do it.

I’ll end my part here and let the guys do the greetings from their end.

“Hello dudes and dudettes!

We’ve been busy scoring the game for the last few weeks, and it’s coming together nicely. Currently we’re doing some final polishing for the tracks, doing some sound designing and getting started with the mixing process, so practically the production’s almost wrapped. It’s been extremely fun, lots of excellent live musicians, lots of various atmospheres, can’t wait for you to get to play the game and hear everything in context!

Grimrock on,

-Perttu, Hannu and Henri/Scoring Helsinki”

5 responses to “Grimrock 2 Music Production”

  1. mrgo0se says:

    Sounds good, when can I hear it in context ? 😉

  2. Raggie says:

    I’m reminded of an interview with the makers of Myst. They also made the decision not to include only atmospheric sound effects, not music, to make the game more immersive and realistic (since reality doesn’t have a soundtrack and all that). They composed a couple of tracks just to prove their point. It turned out the game was much more immersive WITH the soundtrack than without it. They decided to include a soundtrack after all and it was the best single decision they made for the game’s benefit.

  3. thomson says:

    The main theme in Grimrock 1, especially the leading tune played on double bass (or was it a violin?) was absolutely a masterpiece. I remember just staring at the title screen and listening for the music for a very long time. I’m hoping a similar tune will be there in Grimrock 2. Maybe make it a leading tune of the franchise, similar to Star Wars main theme used throughout all episodes.

  4. Pumpelche says:

    Fantastic. And.. what thomson said.

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