Grimrock 2 in Alpha!

June 2, 2014|

We sneakily went past a very important milestone just a while ago. Legend of Grimrock 2 is now in alpha! The definition of milestones of course varies from one company to the next but I think our alpha is, relatively speaking, a “strong alpha” (since we don’t have any publishers or investors who we have to deliver to to get money for progressing in development, we can use terms that are actually useful and descriptive 😉 ). Alpha in our case means that the game can be completely played from beginning to the very end and that all the planned features exist. The last missing piece from the alpha we had was the ending of the game but now that we got that done, the deal is sealed. 🙂 Of course at alpha, there are still features and content that lack polish and refinement, and balance and progression of the game is not complete, but in a sense the game is now “whole”! To celebrate the milestone, we have a new screenshot for you… The herders are back!

And like the natural order of things typically is, after alpha comes beta and that’s where we’re heading next! To get there, me and Petri have been doing a systematic polishing round for all the levels. Or maybe I should be talking about “areas” instead since each area that we tackle contains, technically speaking, 1-4 levels of varying sizes. Each day we pick one area of the game that we concentrate on and for the duration of the day we work only in improving that one place. Basically what we do is that we fix the biggest issues that arise from playing the level but we don’t limit ourselves on only improving the levels themselves (like the level layout, monster placement, puzzles, items and secrets) but we also work on game design issues (for example underwater gameplay, herbs and potions), visuals (lighting & atmosphere, particles, items & environment objects), audio (ambient & environment sounds, monster sounds) or even the game interface (automap and such) if need be.

One day for each area is not a lot of time but doing a pass like this over the whole game really improves the overall experience since this way we always tackle the weakest spots of the game without getting stuck into details for too long. This also helps us by breaking down the game into more digestible bits that we can focus on since trying to polish the whole game at once feels like an overwhelming task and it would always be difficult to decide what would be important to do next.

Oh and if you want more details on the progress of the development, Petri often tweets about things he’s been working on with the game.

16 responses to “Grimrock 2 in Alpha!”

  1. Edrondol says:

    When can I pay you lots of money for this?

  2. akroma222 says:

    This is the best news I have heard since hearing about and finding the first Grimrock. The screen shot is gold, it reminds me of somewhere actually 😉 Thank you so much guys for giving us this game. All the best and good luck with your testing and polishing.
    Akroma 😉

  3. Pumpelche says:

    I sure believe you get crazy offers for Alpha-access – mine is real humble. I give my time! And I have experience in World-Creation, did my own Fantasy Pen & Paper years ago but never made it into print – stuck at 240 DIN-A4 pages designed, 160 left:

    So in case you need open feedback from a world creator and old school Dungeon Master/Chaos Strikes Back adorer, anytime!

  4. akroma222 says:

    Likewise…!! As Pumpelche has said, Im happy to give my time to help, in any way I can. Labyrinth of Lies (my mod for your original game) has a little polishing left to do… and I can not wait to be a part of Grimrock 2 😀

  5. EternalGamer says:

    Is there any chance for basic controller support this time? Loved the first game but some of the mouse cursor work while moving would have been made much easier with a control pad. Plus I really want to play this on my big TV in Steam Big Picture mode from my couch.

  6. Jack Dandy says:

    Woah, we’re really getting some varied environments this time around, huh?

    Looking forward to it!

  7. beholder2 says:

    Nothing else to say but : I CAN’T WAIT !! 😛

  8. j.wordsworth says:

    This is excellent news! Very much looking forward to Grimock 2 and it’s nice to hear that you’re adding more and more polish as the days go by.

  9. Vondur says:

    Cool news and nice screen. Only one question, is it some underground area? Judging by the roots and soil above it is. Why green grass then? 😉

  10. Diarmuid says:

    Well that’s some awesome news! Can’t wait as others said.

  11. Darklord says:

    This looks awesome, can’t wait! 😀

  12. cnikirk says:

    So excited to play this!

  13. evilskillit says:

    So we can probably expect a 2014 release? That’d be nice since the theme of E3 this year has pretty much been “2015 is going to be a great year for gaming!” I look forward to playing Grimrock 2

  14. Valsu says:

    Any word on a release? Perhaps within 2014 or should we be expecting a 2015 release? Either way, i’m incredibly excited for the game far more than anything else out there at the moment!

  15. Draconnor says:

    Any way to support game before resale? any crown funding or something?

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