A Tale of Automaps, Skill Systems and Miscellania

April 16, 2014|

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode in the acclaimed “Hey, Look at What We’ve Been Up to Lately” -series! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these posts so there’s been a lot of stuff that we haven’t covered. So sit on tight because there’s gonna be a lot of text!

Alright, let’s jump right into the deep end and start with the skill system! I’m not going to go into too much detail here since it’s still a little work-in-progress and the details can change once we clock in some more testing hours with it, but finally we seem to be reaching an equilibrium where we feel comfortable with how the skills and character traits work. Now we have a system that’s easy to approach but which still offers plenty of depth, tactics and replayability for all players and which should be more extendable and flexible for modders (and us too). It’s so nice when everybody wins! 🙂

Character creation screen also got a much needed makeover, partly due to the ripple effects from the improved skill system, and it’s looking very slick now. Even though a lot of players will only see the screen just once (or not at all if they opt in to go with the default party), it’s still super important since it’s a major part of the first impressions that the game will give.

We’ve also redone the automap. The automap in Grimrock 1 was pretty good but since the sequel features outside areas and a less linear level structure (levels are side-by-side as well as on top of each others), the old way didn’t really work anymore. Now we have a smoothly scrolling and zoomable map which handles the environments of the new game much more elegantly. It’s not 100% complete though since it’s missing the ability to write down notes, some of the icons are still placeholders and a few interface elements are missing but hey, we’re almost there!

One major milestone that we’re also rapidly approaching right this moment is getting the end combat done. We have a very interesting prototype brewing and if it proves to be working the end fight is gonna be one hell of a ride! As a matter of fact, the end fight is really the only major missing bit I can think of that we still need to make the game whole (which, mind you, is not the same thing as finished).

Speaking of prototypes, I threw together a quick test about a herb growing or farming mechanism but we’re still on the fence if it’s a good fit for the game. We’re going to meditate on it for a while and see if the idea feels worth implementing properly.

Things have been galloping along in the realm of graphics and audio content creation too. We now have a few glorious landmarks for the bigger structures of the game world and an assortment of decorations to spice up the underground portions of the game. I’ve done a couple of new spooky ambient tracks too and polished some older ones as well so that they suit the mood of the game better. And like always with the posts in these series, we’ve got new monsters and plenty of new items! 😉 Oh yeah, Juho also has done some key art (or box art or whatever you want to call it) for Grimrock 2 and it’s looking glorious although I think I’m not allowed to show it to you yet since I think Juho would want to do the honors… Sorry, I hate to be a tease but I’m sure you’ll see it sooner or later. 🙂

That’s it for now from us but if you’re hungry for some more Grimrock right now, you should try out One Room Round Robin 2 mod. It’s a massive mod built in collaboration by 22 master modders and they’ve really pushed the Grimrock 1 engine to its limits! Check it out!

16 responses to “A Tale of Automaps, Skill Systems and Miscellania”

  1. Diarmuid says:

    Advancement on Grimrock 2 sounds awesome, and thank you so much for pointing out to our mod! It really is there to help people wait until the release of the next game… Did you guys have a chance to give it a shot?

  2. Jack Dandy says:

    Sounds good. The mod also looks very interesting, so I’ll give it a go!

  3. borsook says:

    It sounds very, very promising, but I still can’t stop wishing it had an alternative turn-based mode…

  4. Raggie says:

    I have to say that even though there are several very promising gridders coming up, I am most excited about LoG2!

  5. mauriandlaw says:

    Legend of grimrock 2 is all I can think right now………super duper excited….

    Please take your time with the end of the game, because that one was my ONLY (major) grip about Legend of Grimrock…… I didn’t like anything regarding the end of your first game; I didn’t like the environment/level I didn’t like the final boss, I didn’t like the combat and the way you did wrap up the whole thing……..very disappointing end for a more of a stellar game.

    So take your time , and bring us something epic please, …..I really would love to fight a vicious monster at the end of my journey .

    • PauliP says:

      I think the ending / boss was awesome. Quite spooky and challenging. To me, only let down was too simplistic spell system and lack of other than combat spells.

      • mauriandlaw says:

        I’m glad you liked it 😉 , I really didn’t…… nothing really spooky about a cube chasing you.

        I’m sure they can do so much better than that….. beside, the final level was just flat and empty….almost rushed if you ask me.

        • mrgo0se says:

          ‘nothing really spooky about a cube chasing you’

          Oh Great! way to ruin the end of the game for me man! Now that’s $14.99 wasted! – thanks a lot! 🙂

      • mauriandlaw says:

        there is a difference between challenging and annoying….. that last combat was just not fun at all.

  6. Snyder says:

    Hello all.

    Actually I play Legend of Grimrock with a lot of fun. Since many years i didn’t had so much fun with a RPG. Thank you for this great game. I’m really feeling back to the 80’s and early 90’s.

    I’m looking forward to LoG2 but I’m a little bit scared about the new map you’ve mentioned. What I have to imagine regarding this? a free turnable 3D-Map like in other games? That would destroy my classic-feeling for this game a little bit.

    I hope it will also be old-style as in LoG1.

    Many Greetings from Germany.



    • mrgo0se says:

      I’m assuming you can still turn the automap off – ‘Oldschool Mode’?

      • Snyder says:

        The Automap itself is not my problem, it’s more the possible design that leads tu a free turnable map. The Automap in Grimrock 1 was very good and very oldstyle. It looked as if draw a map on a piece of paper.

    • juho says:

      Don’t worry. The new map isn’t going to be any 3d overview-ish thingie. It’s in the spirit of LoG1, but only prettier and more of a real map drawn on a paper feel.

      • Snyder says:

        That are great news. Thank you.

        It’s hard to wait for LoG2… Since I play LoG I’m not interested in other games anymore. Forget TESO and other games… LoG is really RPG like it was thought in the past.

        Thank you guys for bringing this feeling back to me.



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