Making of Grimrock 2: Zarchton

March 27, 2014|

It’s time to shed some light behind the dusty curtains that cover the massive art department of Almost Human and take a look at some behind the scenes action. A lot of new shady creatures have been creeping around the studio walls and this time we’ll try to catch one of them. Be very, very quiet, we’re hunting Zarchtons. Zarchtons are one of the first monsters you’ll come across in the beaches of the Island. At first you’ll hear their croaking calls and before you know what hit, you realize you’ve been ambushed.

Zarchtons are amphibious creatures that are as home on dry land as in water, but they never leave too far from water, because they are dependent of water and need to dampen their skin from time to time. That’s why Zarchtons are usually seen around water, but that doesn’t limit to natural water sources. Overflown dungeons are also perfect environment for them too…

The origin of Zarchtons is highly debated topic in the Natural Science Department of the Nothampton’s University. Some say Zarchtons have evolved from fishes and some say they we’re originally land creatures that have moved to live partially in water. Sometimes Zarchtons are seen far in the open sea and they are often mistaken for mermaids. Being amphibious creatures, Zarchtons have both lungs and gills, so they can breath air and in water. Zarchtons have primitive culture system and they make use of resources from the sea to create clothing and accessories from shellfishes and other small creatures they hunt. Swimming in water and walking on land have developed Zarchtons’ leg muscles to enable them to take long leaps to help them hunt their prey and attack anyone coming to their territory…

What goes to actual development of the Zarchtons, the process was pretty standard stuff. We thought of some features and characteristics we needed in a monster and based on that data I started roughing it out. And this is what I ended up:

Then it was off to Zbrush to create the high resolution model using Zspheres as a base and just dynameshing the living crap out of it.

After the high resolution model was done, it was decimated a bit and exported to 3dCoat, we’re I retopoed and unwrapped it ending to around 6200 polygons. High resolution data was baked into normal map and rest of the textures were painted in Photoshop.

And finally, here’s a final posed model for Zarchton. I bet you’ll end up peeking under his skirt.

9 responses to “Making of Grimrock 2: Zarchton”

  1. Jack Dandy says:

    He looks so slimy! Awesome. The necklace is also a nice touch!

  2. Potholepete says:

    I peeked…

  3. PauliP says:

    Cute little critter. I wouldn’t have peeked unless you hadn’t mentioned it.

  4. Diarmuid says:

    Cute! That browser model-showing widget is really neat…

  5. mrgo0se says:

    A nod to the Kuo-toa from EOB1 perhaps? 🙂

    Looks great!, I shall enjoy slaughtering his brethrin.

  6. guillermojperea says:

    It would be very interesting if i could get the feel that they’re this misterious underwater culture, reminds me of Chulhu material. Make them interact or talk to each other somehow!

    Feedback: it doesn’t look that cool that it has body proportions of a toddler especially about the legs, but i appreciate nonetheless the look for some personality. Now, definitely, the skin color is too fluorescent, it burns my retinas and wouldn’t enjoy fighting that, it looks too much like a videogame prop.

  7. j.wordsworth says:

    This guy looks awesome. Neat little surprise to see him in full 3D at the bottom of the thread too.

    Looking forward to meeting (and likely butchering) a handful of these guys in LOG2.

  8. Makuta says:

    he’s an amazing gymnist hahaha, seriously thought, good job

  9. assemblerbot says:

    Very nice creature I like structure of its skin/armor. Just those legs have unnatural position, much better pose is on that concept art.

    I’m looking forward to fight with it 🙂

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