The Linux version is updated and now available on Steam!

May 28, 2013|

Phew, it took quite a while but finally it’s here: the Linux version of Legend of Grimrock is on Steam! This means that Steam now carries all the versions of the game: PC, Mac and Linux.

The standalone Linux version of the game has also now been updated to version 1.3.7 which eliminates a few annoying bugs. Most importantly text input and mouse look troubles have been fixed as well as the issue some users have had where they have been unable to export custom dungeons. You can get the update for the standalone version by redownloading the game from the link that was emailed to you when you purchased the game from Humble Bundle or from our store. If you’ve lost the email with the details, you can get it resent but you can of course also email us as well if you need any assistance.

In other news, the development of Grimrock 2 continues! Monsters have been learning some new maneuvers and we’ve also done some work on how items, especially weapons, work and right now as I’m writing this, the guys sitting on the sofas behind my back are thinking about how to do the intro and other cinematics. We have also selected a good artist for the portrait freelancing gig we posted about a while earlier. And boy, the blog post was really effective: we got 234 applications in our inbox from artists all over the world and I’d like to thank all the applicants. I’m sure Juho, who had to sort through all the mails and portfolios himself, is equally thankful! 😉

8 responses to “The Linux version is updated and now available on Steam!”

  1. thomson7 says:

    Awesome news! Thanks a lot for supporting Linux and bringing Steam support to it.

  2. VaclavC says:

    Great. Now what about preys? (LG2 I’ll buy on Steam or directly, I’ll not make the same mistake again 😉

  3. Jemleye says:

    Oh, have I waited for this, oh me oh my. This is awesome, and I shall forgive you for taking so long with it, because I just remembered how awesome the game was when I tried it after a too long a break. Keep up the good work, guys!

  4. germanny says:

    This is really great.
    If i can use more soft with linux like yours, i can dump windows – the only reasons to hold are photoshop and totalcommander 😉

  5. lordgarth says:

    Great to see progress with LOG2. I have a large world map ready with 56 areas and in each area there maybe several maps. One area could have a tower to explore with a lake and caverns nearby.


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