Dev Update #2

May 16, 2013|

Welcome to the second official dev update of Legend of Grimrock 2!

For the past weeks we have been progressing at a steady pace towards our goal looming in the horizon, the first playable alpha. I’ll go through some of the major events that have happened in development.

First of all we got a new team member, YAY!! Welcome aboard, Mr. Jyri #2 aka Jykä! Jykä will be working as an animator and will essentially double our animation content creation throughput. Jykä is already working on his first monster while getting accustomed with our content creation pipeline. We are know 6 men strong which is 50% more than when we were working on LoG1.

Jykä is an especially important addition to the team because he’s the only man who knows how to properly use a coffee maker (an important skill e.g. if you have high profile visitors) 😀

Olli has been helping out Jykä to get up to speed and he’s also been active on the business side by filling blanks on obscure documents for our new accountant. Sometimes the business side of things feel like solving a cryptic Grimrock puzzle and Olli’s getting pretty good at it. Olli’s also found time to complete animations for the very first monster you’ll encounter in LoG2.

In another news, Jyri #1 has been working on new items graphics. We need at least a hundred new items for LoG2 so this will keep him and a few other people rather busy for some time! Jyri has also been modeling new environmental assets and a new puzzle object that Antti will be putting into good use.

Talking about Antti, he’s been working on the levels and we now have about 30% of the playable area in “pre-alpha state”, i.e. mapped out with puzzles and initial placement of monsters. I’ve also helped Antti by creating the first version of the very first introductory level.

Juho has been working on a new monster concept and has also been modeling assets for the first level. He’s also gotten his eyes shot with a laser and he had to take a few days off to recuperate. His new laser-cut eyes will hopefully make him even better as an artist (if that’s even possible!).

On the tech side the refactoring work for the component system is finally done. Some other notable changes are: a new quite deadly trap, and lifting off the restriction of levels having to be 32×32 squares in size. Levels can now be any size up to 64×64 and also non-square. Levels can now also be connected in north-south and east-west directions as well as vertically.

Last weekend Juho and Antti were scouting for a new office space and getting some inspiration for LoG2 by hiking in Repovesi in the vast Finnish wilderness. Here are a few shots from the woods.

21 responses to “Dev Update #2”

  1. Jack Dandy says:

    Wonderful update! What a cute toad. Can’t wait to see and experience what the 2 new guys bring to the table in the sequel.

    How did Juho get shot up with lasers btw?

  2. Jack Dandy says:

    Also that lake shot is fucking amazing

  3. QuestLord says:

    Sounds like the development is really enjoyable, that usually makes for a very enjoyable product!

  4. lordgarth says:

    Sounds great. I cant wait to see all the new options we will have in a new editor. Cant wait to see all the new monsters too and all the ways I can adapt, retexture, modify animations of the new monsters.


  5. j.wordsworth says:

    Some nice photos of your Repovesi trip. I hope you took some blueberry pie with you!

    Great to hear that the team’s growing, as that can only mean that there will be even more world, items and monsters to meet and explore in LoG2. Also cool to hear that we’ll be seeing bigger levels with more flexible stage entrances and that refactoring to the component system has been going well.

  6. Dhomochevsky says:

    Wow, nice to see you back again juho. I hear laser shots are the latest fashion on northern realms. Last update are great, you do a big spoiler and show final enemy on LoG2: Legendary Demonic Frog!!!

    Sorry for my english ^_^

  7. Qmalvadore says:

    I like how that lake is at a right angle… just like the game!!!

  8. Bluerps says:

    Hah! I have the same coffee maker. It’s basic but good.

    Also, it sounds like you guys are not drinking much coffee. Why is that? I don’t think I’ve ever met a programmer who was not fuelled by coffee.

  9. MToscan says:

    Looks a lit like Julius Caesar from Spartacus.

  10. vspyder says:

    You guys need to do a detailed tour of your office and introduce all your team members. I would love to watch that on YouTube!

  11. Ignacio says:

    Dear awesome developers:
    Sorry for repeating this but nobody replied to my comment on the other post, so I’m now very sad and lonely 😛

    Just wondering if there will be any monster that takes more than 1 square. Eg: a 2×1 spider or a 4×4 giant cyclops, etc.

    Thanks for the epicness!

  12. william11171 says:

    i was on level 7 and i saved it but i loaded my save and it sent me back to level 2 :'(

  13. shapeshifter999 says:

    Hello Ignacio,

    I love your suggestion.

    It seem tecthnically tought to manager monster bigger than 1×1.

    Like where they hit
    How they move

    I will also wait for the answer from Almost Human crew.

    • Ignacio says:

      Thanks shapeshifter999!
      I think it would be cool to play the game for 2 or 3 hours, facing 1×1 monsters and suddenly one (or several) 2×2 ones come and they mess up the way you play. You will surely do left+turn just to find yourself in the same position of danger as before.

      Another thing I wonder is: if you play again as more than 1 character, would you be able to split up and leave one on a certain place to continue with the others , and then switch to that character to press a switch for the others to advance? All of this while taking care that neither the party or the lonely guy gets hit by an enemy!

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