Almost Human Looking for Freelance Portrait Artist

April 29, 2013|

Edit 28-5-2013 Thank you for all the portfolio submissions. We have now picked an awesome artist to do new set of portraits. —

Ahoy ye freelancers! Almost Human is looking for talented freelance artist to create new awesome character portraits for the upcoming Legend of Grimrock 2. If you think you got what it takes, send us a link to your portfolio or webpage to:

13 responses to “Almost Human Looking for Freelance Portrait Artist”

  1. Rorrik says:

    It’s times like these I wish I’d spent more time on my art skills. I can’t do anything near your quality, and I don’t do much with color. πŸ™

  2. steve kane says:!/steve.kane.3192
    Have a look at my page please, You might find something you like in the galleries πŸ™‚

  3. marvoc says:

    I offer my website here:

    Martin Vocet

  4. etqg says:

    Hi !
    this sounds like an awesome opportunity, i’d love to be involved !
    here is a peek at some of my work
    Erin Quinn

  5. Leolas says:

    Hello πŸ™‚

    Check my Portfolio πŸ™‚


  6. juho says:

    Please send your links to the email address in the post. Thanks!

  7. cyberbaboon says:

    Well, I’m not really that good an artist, plus, even though i have a WACOM tablet, ive never used it.
    But I do a lot of non-digital drawing though.
    Maybe it’s good enough – he said very hopefull.

  8. becausetheitems78 says:

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