43 responses to “The First Official Legend of Grimrock 2 Screenshot”

  1. Lars says:

    That looks rad as hell. Keep up the good work guys, I’m buying this for sure!

  2. jamsus says:

    Oh my god… beatiful?

    Please, tell me that the game will exit before 2014!

    You are legends! (And not of Grimrocks, of Old-School Games)

  3. ran93r says:

    Sweet baby Jesus, that looks fantastic.

  4. Peter Fors says:


  5. Hexaae says:

    A M A Z I N G !!!

    Don’t forget very Hi-Res texture version (first thing users will ask for sure!) and maybe underwater levels! 😉
    Will monsters/NPC AI follow you and open the doors too? I hope so! Would be PERFECT!

  6. Piotrek says:

    Well that is … better. I forced myself to play the first one but it wasn’t my taste. With the outside areas like this it looks like something i could play 🙂 Keep up the good work! 😀

  7. Julien Vignal says:

    LOOOOVE it!!!

  8. lordgarth says:

    You guys have to make a modern version of Ogre Battle from SNES too as well as this modern Dungeon Master.


  9. bobbd says:

    Beautiful tease 🙂

  10. takis76 says:

    Not only we like it very very much, but this picture kicks asses.
    Any order link please? Do you provide pre-orders for the second game?
    I want to purchase NOWWWW.

    • juho says:

      Haha. A bit too early for pre-orders 🙂

      • Isaac says:

        Guaranteed sale when it’s available. (I bought two of the last one.)

        • Isaac says:

          One feature in LoG2 that I’m hoping for… is ‘best effort’ compatibility with LoG1 maps; (meaning the editor might load most of it ~what still applies). This would give modders a real headstart converting maps ~unless the LoG2 engine could run them natively.

          Crazy idea?

          • petri says:

            There’s already quite a few major changes that break compatibility. For example, component based objects system changes how objects are stored in dungeon.lua. Also the scripting interface and object definitions have changed. But I’m pretty sure some clever community member is able to create to a tool that converts maps, at least the basic dungeon layout, to LoG2 format 🙂

  11. Skuggasveinn says:

    This is looking awesome, can’t possibly be more happy to see the direction this is taking 🙂

  12. cerebralcow says:

    Wow, that looks beautiful! I found my new wallpaper.

  13. zlostnypopolnik says:

    WOW!!! Congratulations 🙂

  14. Raggie says:

    I’m very happy. 🙂

  15. bropalm says:

    That looks great!

    When I saw those cliffs in the background I had an idea… Wouldn’t it be cool if there were cliffs at different height levels and then ramps so you could go up them? It would make the map a lot more interesting to explore in my opinion.

    • Raggie says:

      I like that idea! It would be something new in the genre, but it would still retain the style and gameplay. Rising mountain paths, going down to a valley etc.

  16. Krazzikk says:

    Wow! I’m lovin’ those lighting effects ;D

  17. Lacid says:

    beautiful , but hope it will keep that GRIMness in it..

  18. brianhj says:

    Wow… a rendered forest scene.

    Guys, this could be anygame.jpg. Nothing to excited about.

    • jamsus says:

      Is not about the rendered forest, is about the possibility and the immersion of LoG1 to be extended in open areas.

      Just think about the level editor in open areas, maybe with dialogues…

      A sort of 3D-OldSchool-RPGMaker

  19. Retwulf says:

    Oh my… carry on that way lads!

  20. vspyder says:

    Oh MY GOD!!!!! That looks awesome!!!! Are you guys using global illumination of some sort on that scene? It looks as if you rewrote the renderer….

    • petri says:

      The renderer has an improved ambient lighting model, better atmospherics and support for shadows for directional light sources.

      There is no global illumination, at least not yet…

      • vspyder says:

        I assume for the ambient lighting model, you are using a single cube map for the entire scene or several in select areas of the game world?

  21. dungeoncrawler says:

    Clearly, you guys are working hard. I’m just hoping circle stafe will be less of a strategy. Great job again!

  22. Anthony Xue says:

    Looks beautiful, but I fail to see the familiar step-by-step system reflected… I hope I’m wrong there? This really was a big factor in the appeal of LoG and I’d be sad to see it go.

    • gothytim says:

      The path in the foreground and the bridge both give the impression that it’ll be grid-based – the path is all squares, the turns are right angles, etc. Sure the scene is at an angle, but I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into that right now.

  23. metr13 says:

    Say, have you thought on haveing a more complex magic system? Like, having some way to cast multiple rune combinations, sacrificing convenience for outright power, or something like that? Sincerely sorry if you have already answered a question like that.

  24. szcot says:

    YES!! Just finished it-wont spoil
    NOOO!! Now I have nothing I wanna play.
    THANK YOU for finally giving me a strait up fun GAME. Best in years. It was the game I wanted to play since my AtariST booted DM 2 and was disappointed. Thanks again so much.
    Seriously now everything seems so brain dead or mindlessly violent or both in comparison.
    Please don’t make Grimrock 2 just another Elder Scrolls or something. Though I have faith, I hope to get more of the same really, with more more more. I love the feel of this game. You felt like you were a mile deep and all alone. Loved it. Above shot looks nice but I hope it’s just the outside rite before you once again climb down the steps. Oh and I loved having to use flasks to refill water in original DM. You really care about your characters when they need to be taken care of. More realism.


  25. Haza says:

    Looks great. Hopefully, this will be a Might and Magic (6-7 part) style game 🙂

  26. bersli says:

    you guys made th eoriginal game look beautiful. this is that TEN TIMES OVER. i want this game so bad right naow.
    but i will cry if there is not a forest troll or something of the like under that bridge =P

  27. cvesperc says:

    Looks great!
    More info when?
    P.S. Great camo mr. Ogre, didn’t notice you until the 3rd time I was looking at the pic.

  28. Kaneko says:


    As I read your blogs and see the new images of the project I must say I have mixed emotions about it…

    I love LOG and it seems to me, as i get older (28 now, been playing RPG’s since I’m 12) I’m more inclined to indie games like this one and not so much to AAA games… and I found one of the reasons for that some time ago… It would be called “what you deliver”…

    The problem for me with big budget games is that they want to deliver the “whole” thing, for example games like Skyrim or Fallout have SO much stuff spread around that the only thing left to do is put toilet paper in your inventory for when your party needs to crap…

    It’s funny, because I found that while working… I work in theater and some time ago while I was a student I was trying to define my work to myself, I got this conclusion, theater must be an abstraction of the world or whatever the focus of the work is… and games must do the same!!!…

    You throw lines to the audience, you suggest with the whole play, the costumes, the lights, the scenery… and the people watching the play complete that world in their minds…

    Well, that’s what RPG’s should be about… 80% imagination of the player, as they where when they were played on paper… and that’s what you achieved in LOG…

    If you asked me, better graphics and a whole world to discover by foot is not what I seek in games today… But the chance to download portraits to my party (tried the Diablo 3 portraits made by the community, now can’t play without them!!!) and crawl through the dungeons others made is what catches my attention, why spend a year of work programming 2000 quest and relationship between the characters if I can do that by myself just by putting faces on a profile…

    In fact RPG’s have the advantage that (with a little imagination on my side) a single picture can became a whole city… Think in Final Fantasy Tactics o Ogre Battle(as someone say above) or think of the Magic card game, how a single image can “deliver” so much and create a world by itself…

    Well sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to share my opinion to you at AH…

    Hope you keep up the good work….

  29. Qmalvadore says:

    Is that a tower I see in the distance? I would definitely love to see an above-ground exploration in addition to other underground dungeons. But, that being said, if you can visit inside that tower, how will my party cope with having round walls to deal with? I foresee the party solving the most ingenious of puzzles and maneuvering around the most clever of traps, but scratching their heads at a wall that doesn’t have a 90 degree turn 😉 Seriously though, super excited for LoG 2!

  30. Ignacio says:

    I can’t WAIT for this game! First one was one of the best games I’ve played recently. Hell, perhaps overall…

    One thing that I’d like to see in the second part is, at least 1 monster that takes more than 1 square. Perhaps a boss that fills 4? or 2? That would “mess up” the strategy carried up to that place of evading and turning into each square and make you adapt a new one!

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