Forest Ogre

March 6, 2013|

New game needs new monsters. We already have a bunch of new deadly monsters roaming in the dungeons, but in this post we’re going to take a quick look to our old friend: The Ogre! Ogre went through a radical makeover and it was modeled and textured almost from scratch. To reflect the new tricks ogre has learned, he was given a bit more clever look than the familiar cave ogre that only had a loin cloth and some random armor parts slapped on him. But hey, let’s look at some pictures instead of me typing nonsense.

First I did a quick concept sketch of the new look and then it was off to Zbrush to sculpt the high resolution version. At the bottom is the textured game model and a “clay render” with wireframes. The Ogre is built from 9058 polygons and is using three 1024×1024 maps (diffuse, specular and normal).


22 responses to “Forest Ogre”

  1. laker_faker says:

    I like the cave troll more (I still love you the same thou!)

  2. Mutman says:

    so forest you say 🙂 I wonder which parts of Northern Realms we will see LoG2 🙂

  3. Jack Dandy says:

    Make him even meaner- give him a diagonal attack swipe!

  4. Ifulcrum says:

    Exciting stuff! I’m not sure how much work would be involved but it would be interesting if there could be subtle differences in Armour and Weapons on each instance of the ogre, at any rate its a super update.

  5. Thanks for the updates! You should consider doing a contest in which fans can submit their own ZBrush creature or item models and the winner’s entry will be included in LoG2. Just a thought…

  6. Stranger says:

    Posts like these contain the most interesting content on this website. Most companies use gameplay or story as the subject for previews, but I am more fascinated by art design, which is under-appreciated by the masses. No one seems to know how hard it is to build a level from scratch using materials that were also built from scratch. They also don’t take into account all of the second-guessing that comes with designing something totally new. It is no easier than constructing a painting except that game design is plagued with negative associations and is written off as the trashy medium of entertainment. People will complain about your lack of texture variety, but they fail to understand that you are a 4 man team, and have no idea how hard it actually is to create a believable world from nothing.

    Learning how you guys create your “assets”, for lack of a less-soulless term, is always fascinating. I hope you guys post more like this. That being said, the atmosphere you created in LoG was wonderful, in fact, that is the reason I bought the game. Keep it up.

  7. j.wordsworth says:

    That’s a pretty awesome use of 9,000 polygons. Great to have updates from the team as you are working – definitely keeping me interested and ready for LoG2!

  8. takis76 says:

    This is very nice.
    Do other monsters and animals will be included? (Wolves,Bears,Boars,Deers,Humans,Bats)

    Do the old monsters will be included?
    Do any complete new monsters will be included? (Beholders,Ghosts,Fighters,Mummies,Goblins,Rats,Werewolves) There are mummies from the community.

    • Potholepete says:

      Really nice! I agree to above posts, more monsters is needed. For me lots of monsters and lots of different weapons and armor is the most essential components. I think that was one of the winning concepts for Diablo II for example. I played that alot just to find new weapons.

  9. vspyder says:

    Wow the model is very detailed!

    How many characters were modeled for Legend of GrimRock?

    How many props did you model in total?

    How many days from concept to completion did the Forest Ogre take?

    I ask because there seems to be only one modeller on the team so he must have worked insane hours!!!!!

    In either case keep up the good work!

    • juho says:

      LoG1 had about twenty monsters, 170 environment assets and 148 items.
      Forest ogre took something like 5 days of work from start to finish. That’s pretty much average on all of our monsters.

  10. Isaac says:

    Nice model.

  11. Very nice!!

    Just curious – what tool do you use to retopologize the models?

  12. PauliP says:

    Lovely and OG.

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