Finnish Game of the Year!

February 8, 2013|

Yay!! Legend of Grimrock is now officially the best finnish game of the year 2012. Knowing the quality of finnish games and the talent of people working in the finnish game industry, we were very surprised, happy and humbled at the same time when we won the award in the annual Finnish Game Awards ceremony yesterday. As a tiny indie game developer we are especially proud that we managed to beat industry giants such as Rovio and Supercell 😉

We would like to thank the wise jury who voted us.

Juho would also like to thank the guys at Rovio for the unhealthy amount of free alcohol he consumed at the party.

In other news, Jyri, our mysterious graphics artist who wants his true identity to remain unknown, has turned thirty. To celebrate the event we feasted on a delicious girly-pink cake! Congratz Jyri!

6 responses to “Finnish Game of the Year!”

  1. Marinus says:

    Now make LOG 2 ^_^.

  2. kingEscaped says:

    Congratulations, keep up the great work! We demand a LoG sequel as soon as possible full of new capabilities and perhaps impressive video clips inside…

  3. shameu says:

    Congrats! Is there on photo dungeon map for next Grimrock? 🙂 Regards.

  4. Jack Dandy says:

    Congratulations, AH team! You deserved it!

  5. thomson says:

    Congrats, AH! Congratz, Jyri!

    Some of us (myself included) that there’s a typo in first line. I should read “the best game of the year 2012” . Having it being produced in Finland has nothing to do with it 🙂

  6. czychk says:

    Several may have any one-way cheap nike shoes, although some people might could possibly be anti-reflective.

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