Snow Storms and Other Events

November 30, 2012|

Every year it’s the same story: bunch of snow suddenly falls from the sky and mayhem ensues. Snow plows rule the road with (almost literally) an iron fist and people wreck their cars and facebook feeds are filled with people who are irrationally angry towards snow. However I think (and scientists agree) that snow is usually cool.

But then again when you’re rescuing Petri from the side of a highway during a snow storm it can be kinda annoying. In the current weather you would basically need a pair of ski goggles to remain functional so you can imagine that it’s not the best moment to come to the realization that perhaps the fuel gauge in a -92 Volkswagen is not that accurate anymore.

Mac porting has progressed well but Petri also dedicated one evening of programming towards the editor too with the help of some beer and our wonderful forums community who could submit their most wanted features for him to implement. You can see what happened by reading onwards from this post. A dozen or so good features were implemented and if possible we’d like to do at least one more beer coding session before we release the next version. So make sure to follow the forums if you want to influence what new features get in!

I promised previously that I would post new photos from the office once we got some furniture in place. So here you go, I’ll let the photos now speak for themselves. We also had a housewarming party here (or mostly at the saunas we rented in this building’s top floor) and you may try to guess which of the photos were from there. The party was a load of fun like any great party should be and me and the last guests lasted until 5am. But yeah, the photos:

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