Dungeon Editor Released + Special Sale

October 4, 2012|

After several months of break-neck speed development, Almost Human is proud to release the most anticipated modding tool ever, the Dungeon Editor for Legend of Grimrock! The Dungeon Editor is a free update for everybody who owns the game.

If you haven’t purchased Legend of Grimrock yet, we are also launching a sale starting today with 50% off the price if you buy directly from us. Buying directly from us is the best way to support our future game projects, and you get a Steam key and a standalone version of the game with the Dungeon Editor.

If you have already bought the game, here are the instructions for getting the free update:

Steam version: Legend of Grimrock should automatically update to version 1.3.1 in the next couple of hours. If the download does not start automatically you can try selecting Verify Integrity of Game Cache in Legend of Grimrock -> Properties -> Local files tab. Restarting the Steam client may also help. Please be patient as it may take several hours for the update to propagate through Steam servers.

Direct purchase from Almost Human or GOG.com: you can download a patch here. The patch updates the game from version 1.1.4 to version 1.3.1. The patch only works with the standalone version of the game (not the Steam version). If the patch fails to install for some reason you may also redownload the latest version of the game from Humble Store or GOG.com.

If you got the game by other means: The patch should also work for your version of the game. 😉

I’m sure everybody’s eager to start modding right away, so here are some links to get you up to speed: official modding documentation, Komag’s excellent video tutorials, official modding forum.

And if you want to play some mods right now, that’s no problem either! The Public Beta testers have been very productive and have already created over 150 mods that can be subscribed to in Steam Workshop and downloaded from Grimrock Nexus.

The update also fixes a couple of issues with the base game. Here is the complete change log:

  • Implemented Dungeon Editor and added modding capabilities.
  • Added a warning about unnamed prisoners to character generation.
  • Bug fix: mouse look does not work when standing in front of a wall tapestry.
  • Bug fix: when importing a custom portrait, the original portrait becomes “locked” and can’t be chosen for other characters.
  • Bug fix: on screen exp indicator displays an incorrect amount of exp when killing an advanced monster with level greater than 1.
  • Bug fix: no exp is gained if a monster is killed by Dismantler’s lightning effect or Icefall Hammer’s frost burst effect.
  • Bug fix: when the cube crushes a monster, monster’s death effect is played multiple times if the cube moves back and forth.
  • Bug fix: game refuses to start if the documents folder is mapped to a network location.
  • Bug fix: “Level up!” text above attack frames does not scale with resolution.
  • Bug fix: tooltips are buggy in 2560×1600 resolution.
  • Bug fix: exp is awarded to wrong characters if party marching order is changed before damage is dealt (e.g. cast fireball, reorder champions before fireball kills a monster).

Happy modding!

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