Hello everyone! Let’s kick things off in this weekly update with a small announcement: Legend of Grimrock is now available through GamersGate as well so if you haven’t gotten yours already, there’s now another way to get it (although I do have a feeling that I’m preaching to the choir here)!

And then let’s continue the weekly update with another announcement: we’ve had good progress with the dungeon editor and we have hit the alpha milestone! Since we now have the core features of the editor done, we are now ready to extend the testing even outside the walls of this office but don’t get too excited yet: it’s not a public testing phase, it’s just something we will handle with a handful of friends at least for the time being. We’re not only concentrating on finding bugs (or locating potential for improvement) in the editor alone because the base game itself needs some rigorous testing too since there have been some fundamental architecture changes to the game we have had to do in order to support the loading of custom dungeons and such. This testing round probably also means that we’ll have to slow down with adding new features to the editor for some time since I’m certain there will be a lot of things we need to fix and stabilize before we should proceed to add some more functionality. But the good news is that it seems like there isn’t a massive amount of things missing from the editor anymore either but we’ll have to wait and see what the testers can come up with!

Oh, and just so that you know: if nothing terribly exciting on the development front has happened during a week, we’re going to serve you a dose of “making of” -style documentation from Legend of Grimrock on our weekly updates. Like for example once we get a build out of the doors for testers to mess with, we’re certainly going to be occupied by ironing out usability issues and bugs so we might not have anything profound or exciting to tell you and since we wouldn’t want to stay completely silent either, we’ll give you a behind the scenes glimpse on what goes into making a game like Legend of Grimrock! But in essence this is nothing new since that’s basically what we did early on in the development too when we were doing features on things like monster design, level scripting or graphics here on the blog. We just haven’t done that in a while now and I think that will be more fun than trying to come up with something interesting to say when nothing dramatic has happened.

Alright, that’s it for this time. Take care!

  34 Responses to “Dungeon Editor is in Alpha!”

  1. Just release it already and let us testdrive it. We won’t kill you if we find a bug.

  2. Yes, please do an open alpha.

  3. I hope that in addition to the standard make a dungeon style editor where we add walls, doors, etc that we will have the ability to import new textures, sounds, and models as well. This won’t only be awesome for us gamers out there to play around with, but it will make your jobs easier when you make a new game for us to buy.

  4. This is great news, Antti! Good luck with the testing.

    Thanks for the update. I’ll enjoy watching the “making of” videos, it’s nice of you to supply them for free!

  5. Just do your work, guys, we´ll wait (patience, preciousss) :)

  6. I’ve said it before, but I think that it is really excellent your commitment to both your game and to your users. If Electronic Arts is everything wrong with the modern games industry, you are all everything that’s right.

    • Hi.

      100%ly seconded, though +1. ;)

      Nearly two weeks ago a friend pointed me towards your project; after having played the first levels of Grimrock I read through the forums and learned about your current project “the editor” … And that is just brilliant.

  7. Totally agree with what HotLOnelyTeenageGirl said.

  8. I Pétri a question will it be possible to do some monster that moves in groups with the level editor ???
    such as dead people that moves or 4 kinds of worms that moves by 2 it would be very nice if it would be possible because in RTC return to chaos it was not possible

    Pétri my question when I start a new dungeon later if I could spell Expansion continue working on my dungeon continuing to add the new object and wallset monster extension ????

    if all else is awesome guys I expected the editor dungeon forward ;)

  9. Good news, thanks for the update.

    When you do the ‘making of’ for the monsters, could the overview include enough [minimal] detail about it that an experienced modeler could get the gist of what’s involved for them to try making their own?

  10. Am I right that some stuff like grates ( in last weeks video at 6:15 on the left)
    on floors are randomly generated? It would of course be cool to ad them
    where i want. (for an example if i want to make “sewer tunnel” with multiple grates…)

    • And how did those octopuses technicaly work..?

    • Yeah, some of the decorations are randomly placed on the level but if you need a grate at a specific spot, you can add it there manually.

  11. Piano version of Grimrock by amateur. Its good music by the way.

    Should be right now learning some lua, but…

    Actually I´m wondering if i could hire some unemployed persons who have experience in lua launguage.

  12. Hello!
    Will the editor allow us to edit the original Grimrock dungeon?
    My father won’t play this game until it’s translated in French, will the editor helps to this end?

    Thanks for this brilliant game.

  13. No its not. Its fabuolus. Thanks for second best game in these 20 years. Still wondering what to do after a big explosion of mount Grimrock.

  14. Ideas?

    Secret level of Grimrock. Fake desert environment. Suddenly rain comes (environmental effect) and toads raises from dirt. Too many toads and snails suddenly!!!!

    Level music for that level stolen from:
    Superfrog Ancient Level remake by NEOX:

  15. Correct place for secret level is:

  16. One main thing I’m hoping for in the editor is this. Cause i did this with the Dungeon Master JAVA. CAN IT BE MORE THEN 13 LEVELS DEEP? I like making a Dungeon that takes you a week to finish it.

  17. Just stole: Ultimate MacGyver Remix


    Different approach on MacG.

  18. I would totally want to try this out as soon as possible, but then again, you can’t rush pure awesome :) Take your time, and have fun doing so. I’m very excited to be able to create my own dungeon sometime in the future.

  19. Looks great

  20. I’m not sure if it’s reasonable request or good idea at all but,
    have you considered making the editor checking if the custom level is possible to pass?
    since i already see in my imagination peoples making impossible levels, like no exit or no way out
    and such.. but then again perphas it hurts the freedom of the editor (it can be some on/off option though).

    • Lior, such a thing is not possible. Because triggers and such are all Lua scripts, any kind of checker to guarantee that a level is passable would essentially have to solve some problems that are categorically impossible to solve according to one of the most fundamental proofs in computer science. :) Even if they weren’t scripts, the complexity of such a checker would be prohibitively high.

      Simply testing one’s level is going to have to remain a critical part of designing maps and distributing them to others.

      On a side note, it still boggles my mind that you guys got this game made without the editor in the first place. We spend months in pre-production just on our tools in order to make sure that the designer/artist iteration times are quick enough to get a game out the door in a reasonable time frame. Having worked on similar-ish games requiring designers to use text editors to make levels and engineers to hook everything up, I’m very impressed with the quality of Grimrock given that your tools are coming after rather release than beforehand!

  21. Will it be distributed via Steam?

  22. Скорее бы. Ох как я жду русские субтитры….

  23. Rather like. Oh how I wait for Russian subtitles ….

  24. i used to be a QA tester. i know how hard i can be to find some bugs. sometimes i used to just try and see if i could break the game :) . cant wait for it to come out!

    • Oh, i forgot to say, i am willing to help out if you need an extra bug tester.

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