May 16, 2012

Hi guys!

The editor is progressing nicely and we have almost reached the point where it’s possible to rebuild the Grimrock dungeon with the editor. Some convenience features are still missing, e.g. multiselect, and the game does not yet support loading custom made dungeons. The editor also needs a lot more testing. After this initial stage we’ll look how much work is required for custom wallsets, items and monsters. There’s also a secret feature that we would like to do for the release…

That said, we haven’t yet had a chance to have a vacation because all the post-launch things have kept us busy. Contact requests and email bombarding is finally starting to slow down a bit, so we’re taking the chance and get out of the office for a well deserved (hopefully!) short vacation starting tomorrow. Juho is actually on a well-timed paternity leave already, congratz to family Salila! 😀

Juho, Olli and Antti will be back at the office on Monday 28th and I’ll be slacking off slightly longer and traveling in Honshu & Kyushu for two weeks. If you see a guy looking like me wandering thereabouts, say hi to him!

So see you all in June, and let’s finish that dungeon editor then!

All the best,

Almost Human team

p.s. we have hired a professional wrestler (say hi to Burt The Slayer!) to guard the office while we’re absent, just so that you know 😀

View of the popular Matinkylä beach near the office where I’m NOT going to visit during the vacation.