March 23, 2012

Normally a sane corporate developer wouldn’t fix non-critical issues in a game just a couple of weeks from launch. But “sane” and “corporate” doesn’t really describe us that well so in our madness we decided to do one more build this week. The build improves the behavior of certain spells, fixes a non-fatal level scripting bug and we couldn’t resist balancing stats of two monsters while we were at it. Olli also fixed a minor animation issue with door pullchains that manifested only on 4:3 displays. None of the issues were critical and we could have waited for a post-launch patch but we really can’t keep our fingers off this thing, it seems!

Observant readers probably understand the dire consequences of these actions: Yes, I owe Antti a beer. Any recommendations btw.? I’m looking for something that I can buy here in Finland for an indie-affordable price. (Those who missed last week’s post are probably totally clueless what I’m talking about 😉 )

That said, we are really happy to announce that we’re now officially in gold, that’s GOOOOOOOOOOLD BABY! *dancing around the office like a fool*

It’s been a long and challenging journey but we have finally reached this important milestone. But we don’t think it’s the end of the road, more like a fork in the road with ways branching into all sorts of interesting directions: iOS, Mac, map editor, sequel, new IP, living in a dumpster totally broke… 😉

Now that the game is done, we can fully concentrate on launch preparations like the trailer, press releases, sending out review copies for the press, interviews and so on.

Everybody at the office is totally jazzed up and we really can’t keep in our pants much longer. You are probably as anxious to hear about the details and we can finally reveal them all next week!

Stay tuned!