Release Candidate 3

March 16, 2012|

Wait, what happened to release candidate 2? Well, we have been busy working day and night and we actually did two releases this week. 😀 The latest build or “RC3” as we like to call it has now been sent to testers and if any issues are not found in the next couple of days this will be the gold build! Fingers crossed!

So, what has happened this week? Juho has been working on the trailer and it’s progressing well. Next week we’ll hand it over to Stakula, our man in charge of music production. Besides starring in a super secret video, Antti has been working on the installer and he has also been making so many builds this week that we lost count. I actually had to do a dubious deal with Antti, saying something along the lines of “if we have to do yet another new build before releasing the game, I owe Antti a beer, not just any kind of beer but some really nice imported beer.” Antti actually forced me to write this down on paper with my signature on it and he stored the paper somewhere in a secure place.

Aaanyway, back to the report. Olli has been doing paperwork for the launch and it now seems that things are finally nearing completion on that front. He would much prefer to work on animations but someone got to do the dirty work! Me, I’ve been fixing the remaining issues with the game and improving game balance and playtesting. Nothing big but things like adjusting the damage of spells and such.

Oh, oh, and we have a game manual now and some extra goodies too that we’re going to ship with the game. I don’t want to reveal what they are but it’s something you can print and it looks gorgeous 🙂

Some people have been asking about the key art made by Juho some time ago. There’s no reason to hold it back, so here you go, behold the magnificent almost default party (one of the characters have been exchanged, can you guess who?).

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now. Stay tuned for next week!

59 responses to “Release Candidate 3”

  1. danielbr93 says:

    Really excited about the game 🙂 I hope there are coming more gameplay vids out. Keep going!

  2. Nathan says:

    The box art looks rad… but box art means that I will have to wait for a physical copy to ship?! Will there be a digital copy too or am I forced to be patient for once?

    • petri says:

      Oops, I was too quick with my fingers. I meant “key art” of course. The are no plans for a retail box release.

  3. HarpoonIPA says:

    AWESOME news,

    And if it’s legal I will send you guys a case of Harpoon IPA “India Pale Ale” it’s Delicious

    Grimrock go GOLD

  4. Jooa says:

    siis sen sitten vois tilata myöskin?

  5. Yacob says:

    So, any word on pricing and platforms?

      • DangermanRogers says:

        Hey, that’s trademarked.

        Seriously, this project looks incredible and I hope the effort pays off extremely well for you both in moneys and fan/critic apprieciation.

        I am telling anyone who might be interested and directing them to your site as often as I can. I would love to see this first game offer future opportunities for more good work from you guys and girls. Can’t wait.

        • petri says:

          Thank you very much for your support! It really is a big deal to us.

          Alas, there are no girls at the office, just four of us blokes. Seems to be a common problem with game companies. How deep is that.

  6. Ozmiz says:

    Sounds like you guys are putting in lots of very very hard work, may it pay you back in spades!!
    Can’t wait to play it 🙂

  7. Kith says:

    W8ing, w8ing, w8ing … 😉

  8. Jack Dandy says:

    They key art looks great, and I can’t help but wonder about those goodies you mentioned.

    Good luck with the current release build!

  9. Daniel King says:

    [quote](one of the characters have been exchanged, can you guess who?)[/quote]

    You’ve swapped out the default human mage for a Lizardman mage! Nice choice. 🙂


  10. I love extra goodies!

  11. MacHaggis says:

    Dang, now we have to wait 7 days for the next update again.
    I’m looking forward to the trailer, the previous teaser video was already pretty impressive 🙂

  12. Kevin says:

    Just want to say I’ve been following this project for a long time, and I’m very excited, and proud for all of you. Big developers should take note of the way you’ve interacted with the community during development. A great attitude and friendly demeanor goes a long, long way toward gaining interest in a game. Of course, having an amazing looking product helps, but you guys just seem so fun to be around, and your love for your game, (and games in general,) guarantees that I’ll be buying this on day one. I wish you all the success in the world!

  13. Tiropitas says:

    Great news on my b party and a day before I get married. We could have sent some strippers to Grimrock central for you guys to celebrate but the distance is way to long. Thankfully my future wife is on videogames like Grimrock….or hopefully…

  14. Jindod says:

    You should release a few special editions, in an old school big box with some kind of model etc. nice. I’d get one.

  15. Jack says:

    So it must be polish beer!
    Im gonna send You one!


  16. John says:

    I will make you a deal… tell me how much it would cost in USD, to get four of such “really nice imported” beers, send me your paypal account, and I will send enough to buy all of you a drink – provided you have a toast when the game is finished, and hopefully take a photo.


  17. x says:

    i dont care what they do how they do it, or with what 🙂 i just want the game, few years back told myself wouldnt it be nice if someone take the courage and make in those and these days of AAA+++ titles a nice great Dungeons Crawler like back in the days, played through the old games on and on, wishing that someone could do it, u did, and for that im very thankful

  18. webduck says:

    Great news. Hope it all goes well for you guys fingers crossed 😉

  19. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I spend a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to travel about in real life with a multi-species adventuring party. Because I’m broken, this involves a lot of speculation about what it would take to build a toilet usable by humans, beings with stiff tails, and beings that are 8 feet tall and weigh 600 pounds.

    And imagine resupplying at the local trading post: “Hello I would like two bars of soap, a jar of lizard wax, three bottles of pet shampoo, six loaves of bread, and a sack of live crickets.”

  20. Beerdy says:

    Shall I send you some cool collection of Czech beers? 😉 Just say a word and it is on the way to you! 🙂
    One thing – you have mentioned testers; how many of them participate on the geame testing??? Or have I missed something? I wished to be a tester so much….if there still is a chance, I am about to double beer package!!! 🙂
    X fingers!!!!!

  21. silmarill says:

    is it done yet?
    no 🙁
    is it done yet?
    no 🙁
    is it done yet?
    no 🙁
    is it done yet?
    no 🙁
    is it done yet?
    no 🙁
    is it done yet?
    no 🙁
    is it done yet?
    no 🙁

  22. Draggor says:

    “Oh, oh, and we have a game manual now and some extra goodies too that we’re going to ship with the game. I don’t want to reveal what they are but it’s something you can print and it looks gorgeous”

    Smells like a Photo of the team as goodies niark niark niark..

  23. xarokin says:

    great news guys keep up the good work wish you the best!!!!!

  24. Claws says:

    Just wanted to drop in and mention that I will be buying two copies of your game to support you at whatever price point you guys decide on. Keep up the good work!

  25. Kairuku says:

    That must be one huge makefile by now. 😮

  26. Avid RPGer says:

    I really hope you guys find some way to cheaply market this, or get with a company like to get your product to the masses. I literally just fell upon this game today. I’m from clear back to original bard’s tale (apple //e LOL) and the good old wizardry/ultima days. You can’t let this type of game hide in the shadows! There are a TON of people like me from the old days (oh yeah, we can afford to buy games too…ROFL) that grow tired of today’s flash graphics crap with no story and 10 hours of game play for $60. We still think Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale (I’m going to have to admit I’m almost finished with this again…LOL on to icewind dale 2), Baldurs gate/BG2, Ultima 1-9 (hey, 9 got ok after it was patched to death), Wiz 1-8 (I hope someone remakes all these great games) etc are the best gaming has ever had. No need to pay for protections if you make a good game and price it right. I thought the Witcher 2 would have been cheaper without the protection crap but at least they got half of it right 🙂 Proving you don’t need EA to destroy (oops, distribute) your game before it ships via DRM. I won’t buy an EA game again until they act like Whatever you do make sure I can use a MOUSE and KEYBOARD! Yes, I passed on witcher 2 because it’s really made for an xbox gamepad. UGH. But I support gog fully with my wallet. Just not witcher 2 – though I admit I’ll buy at xmas on sale probably – discount bin is what I’ll pay for gamepad crap when I have a keyboard and mouse. It’s the principle of the thing after they claimed it was PC ONLY for ages and then diss the keyboard and mouse and surprise it works great with a xbox360 pad…hmmm…LOL. If you want my money make the keyboard/mouse WORK. 🙂 I don’t see a console port mentioned here so I think I’m safe? 🙂 Consoles are dead anyway, xmas phones can do the same thing output to hdmi over a usb cable…LOL. Quad core phones with good graphics killed the console star! Glad to see you chose the PHONE over the CONSOLE! Rant over 😉 I own an xbox360 and 2 ps2’s and yes I want them DEAD or upgradable! Stuck in stone for 10 years is holding back out gaming!

  27. subaru swift says:

    thank you for another great update & if you lot need a nice beer or 3 i will send you some from the UK !! as i small thank for making this great game……

    however i am self employed & that is a good thing as this game will take a LOT of my time up so i will not be working much he-he & my girlfriend says oh well she will just see me when i have a meal or a toilet break :).

    so joking a side THANK YOU yet again folks……

  28. Hmm says:

    Great, now I’ll keep wondering what those extras are instead of focusing on my work. 🙂

  29. Brother Karras says:

    Nom I´m starting to be really excited 🙂

  30. SiENcE says:

    You should spend Antti a real 😉 .

  31. Pumpelche says:

    Switzerlands oldest Brewery “Schützengarten” produces the best beer on the globe: “Klosterbräu”, or “Chlöschti”, how we call it.

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • Brother Karras says:

      Or Kofola – Czech beer shrouded in mystery – nobody really nows what all the ingredients are. That would definitely be nice addition to Antti´s beer porfolio 😛

  32. Alf says:

    Just take my money already..
    BTW, being and oldie I recognize the inspiration from Bloodwych and Eye of the Beholder.

    Looking forward to the release!

    Alf / DK

  33. Mark says:

    The original DK and EoB were brilliant because the developers had a passion and vision. I hope you guys don’t lose the spark – you ve produced something special here and that’s without even playing it yet!

    Like many who have stumbled across this game, I’m an oldie who has played many of the great RPGs. I can feel in my water that this game is going to join the RPG Hall of Fame, and maybe revive a genre.

    My squared paper is ready and my pencils sharpened a chance to map a new dungeon with beautiful graphics, puzzles and traps. I will be a very happy person when this game is released!!

  34. nico7550 says:

    Hi, will you post a making off (tools used, crew pictures, code talk, etc…) ?

  35. nico7550 says:

    And my favorite beer is “Rochefort 10” a belgium one…

  36. andrebrazil says:

    Wanna test this one!

  37. legoxx says:

    Hello guys,

    i am a big fan of your game, and i will buy it on the first day.

    I just want to make a point that you are missing on marketing side here;-) few weeks (days) before release, this blog should be full of stories from developement, screenshots from game, screenshots of monsters, videos from gameplay, interview with developers to make the buzz rolling.

    Posts with RC1 and RC3 without any screenshots or stories are just not that “cool” you can see it on number of comments that is quite low.

    Just my 2 cents,

    wish you luck that lot of ppl will buy the game (i will be one of them)


    • MacHaggis says:

      I’d rather have them polish out the game than play out a huge marketing campaign for a niche market…

    • Matt Hill says:

      Most of the commentary has now moved to the new forum, that’s why comments are less on the blog.

  38. MacHaggis says:

    I’d rather have them polish out the game than play out a huge marketing campaign for a niche market…

  39. Beerdy says:

    10 days to April!! Panic!!! 😀

  40. germanny says:

    Good day gentlemen 🙂

    I followed your task from time to time, glad to hear you are about to finish!
    Many tried to do similar, but it´s a hard task to success.
    Mmmh.. step movement, puzzles, Dungeon Master athmosphere.. in modern style.
    I´m an old Fan of Dungeon Master style games, and i´ve done a bit work in that genre, too.

    Well, cant wait to play it, to whom I send the money for the package? ^^

  41. marmotte says:

    Today i hope a news for the Gold Gold Gold Gold version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Paul says:

    I just found out about this game last week from a friend who know I would want to play it, since I am such a HUGE dungeon master fan. I checked out the videos and they they fantastic. I just hope the story and puzzles are as great as the game mechanics seem to be. I am glad to see that it is almost about to go gold, so I won’t have to wait very long to play it. Keep up the good work, it looks great.

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