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March 2, 2012|

Time seems to pass abnormally fast when you’re working hard on a project and certainly this has been the case in March for us. But hey, thanks to the leap day we got at least one extra working day! :) We are certainly now starting to feel the pressure of the fast approaching release date which on one hand feels a really joyful moment but at the same time it’s a bit frightening because we have to stop polishing and adding cool stuff to the game we have learned to love so much. Legend of Grimrock is certainly a lot more personal project to us than other games we have worked on in the past and therefore it’s a bit sad to finally let our baby go out to the big world.

Therefore we have worked extra hard this week and nailed a lot of bugs, including two crash bugs near the end of the game – a big thank you to our beta testers who have been relentlessly playing the game. Apart from fixing bugs we have also polished various aspects of the game. For example, we completely reworked the save game dialog so that it now shows information such as characters and their levels, play time and the current dungeon and level you’re playing in. In bigger news we have implemented 40 achievements, some of them pretty challenging to unlock. Olli has almost but finalized the remaining animations so his animation work for LoG is now pretty much complete unless our testers still find something to fix. Juho is also gradually moving on from the game to work on the launch trailer. Antti and me, we have been juggling with various miscellaneous tasks that just have to be done.

We know you’re all anxious to hear about the release plans and as you probably already saw in the big poster above, we’re finally able to tell you something concrete: The PC version of Legend of Grimrock will be released in early April and we are going to start preorders a few weeks before launch. That said, we have signed NDAs so we are not allowed to tell the exact date and distribution platforms just yet but rest assured that everything is now in good hands.

To celebrate this Antti and Juho have kindly setup a forum. Discussions should certainly be a lot easier there than in the blog comments.

So we’re not done just yet but close! So, what’s up next? There’s still a few bugs to fix and testers are still finding stuff to polish. We are also going to do the long overdue site migration to a more powerful server with more bandwidth over the next two weeks. Biggest of all we are going to freeze the code and content pretty soon, build our first release candidate and start the final round of testing. We hope to get the RC out of the oven to testers sometime next week. And before you ask, beta testing is still closed so no need to apply for beta testing, thank you :)

So that’s it, see you on the forums!

218 Responses to “Weekly Update and Release News”

  1. james says:

    Wow that’s great news guys.. almost there!!

    • Jack Dandy says:

      Congratulations, guys! Can’t wait to preorder this.
      Forums are also looking good!

  2. Arkhon2408 says:

    Looking forward to it!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Rao says:

    Yehaaa!!! Thanks alot for your work and i can understand your feelings.


  4. keson says:

    it’s wonderful news.
    1st april ftw :)

    • Kairuku says:

      Oh, that would be an evil April Fool’s joke.

      April 1st:
      “Oh, they’ve released the game!”
      *downloads it*
      “Oh, it’s just a program that plays some weird 80’s music video…”

  5. Armitige says:

    This is, indeed, exciting news! Can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy!

  6. kosac says:

    excelent.. preorder where? ;)

  7. marmotte says:

    Champagne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bitwise says:

    My bday’s in april.. i finally know what i want xD

  9. Forestbane says:

    I was silently following this project, reading the news and spreading the word about it on Facebook and in person to all gamer friends. By now you have a small but dedicated fan base here in Eastern Europe.

    I have to tell the game looks very good and we are really expecting the release date. Thanks for all your work, guys.

  10. Von Paulus says:

    Can’t wait!

  11. Nastons says:

    YES!! Pre-order? Kippis!

  12. Slade says:

    Excellent news! It’s always a bit of a shame when you get to the point of being feature-locked, but it also means home stretch!

  13. supmeow says:

    Keep it up guys!

  14. Cobus says:


    Achievements, that smells like a STEAM hint to me.

    If so, I would be glad, been having no problems with them and do not find there methods intrusive

    Really looking forward to this, Loaded EOB2 up last night with DOSBOX to just have a look at the old bugger.

  15. Bob Albright says:

    Looking forward to my next “Dungeon Master” experience. Would also like to say that you don’t make it easy to register in the forum. The “code” that is required at the bottom is VERY difficult to decipher. Took me probably 7or 8 tries to get it right.

  16. Pumpelche says:

    Oh no. I have now to play this game. Oh no. ;)

    What a good year, isn’t it? =)

  17. lowzei says:

    If you preorder the PC version, will you later on get the Mac version for free and do you have any estimation on the release date?

    • Gatorcade says:

      I would also like to know this. I have many platforms and would like to pay once and have it on all. Nomatter what I buying it though. Thanks for all your hard work and all the updates.

  18. Jehan says:

    Wouhouuu Yesss As soon as available I’m gonna preorder this Jewel ! ;o)

    1 more month to go … can’t wait !! ;)

  19. Robert says:

    It is very goog news. I am wainting more for this game that Diablo III. ;) This news make me happy for weekend. Greenting and thanks

  20. Nigel says:

    Will the game be available for purchase direct from you guys (drm free)hopefully?.


  21. Emmanuel says:

    Just Finished 4 projects at school for Clearance to the Final exams next week on monday and tuesday.
    Then I find this….. :D

    One question: Will the game be DRM-free when it releases? If so, How much should we expect to save for this Amazing game?

  22. I…have been signed-up for any postings about this game,from this web site. Haven’t gotten any …send,as to updates—yet.
    I hope when this is released;that, I will get e-mails as to cost(Which,I believe is going to be $19.99), and actual ordering…
    Ole’ Joe

  23. HyunDalGuJi says:

    Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. stephenw says:

    excellent! looks great guys! can’t wait to preorder!

  25. Karkarov says:

    Awesome news, can’t wait for a shot at this game! Really nothing else that can be said heh!

  26. HarpoonIPA says:

    Congratulations on what is a monumental achievement for a young company. I will be pre-ordering it as soon as that option is available. Keep up the great work, it has been a pleasure reading these weekly blog updates, it has been something I have grown to look forward to. I have never fallowed a developers story like this in the past, and in doing so it has made me more excited about this game then any other in resent history. Thank you once again

  27. Seanser says:

    Great !!!! Congratulations !!!! CanĀ“t wait :-)

  28. webduck says:

    wow almost human almost done ;)

    great news

  29. Gary says:


    Will this game be available in stores and how much will it cost?



    • juho says:

      If you mean retail version, then the answer is, sorry no at the moment. Game will be digitally distributed with reasonable price tag.

  30. Draggor says:

    *Warming UP my Credit Card*

  31. Menthur says:

    News says March .. Shouldn’t that be February? :)
    Great news!

  32. ektor says:

    Congrats !

  33. Hmm says:

    Fantastic! Much sooner than I expected. The forum is a great idea, I’ll keep an eye on it and probably join eventually when I feel my input adds anything to the discussion. :)

  34. Tulla says:

    I can’t wait to play, I will love this game. I know this without having played it. That said; I can’t wait for one thing- Game Editor and Modding shizzle. My greatest nerdgasm wish is to see the old Lands of Lore; Throne of Chaos restored with an updated engine. I would love, LOVE LOVE to see such a project realised by a crew of epic shizzle modders.

  35. Molda says:

    Congratulations. The moment we are all waiting for is getting closer. But i would sooo love to have this game in box version (boxed/retail or whatever is the right term for it :D sorry, english is not my first language, but you know what i meant by that)

  36. Evilskillit says:

    AWESOME! I can’t wait. Having said that I hope the distribution is via Steam, GOG or someone else with a no-nonsense distribution model. I already have 1 game client to deal with, if it’s through something else I’ll still be buying it, but with some amount of trepidation as the amount of BS I have to deal with in order to play a game is a large part of the deciding factor on whether or not I’m willing to buy it and play it. GFWL is the bane of my existence.

  37. No name says:

    I don’t think it will happen but is there any chance of a Xbox 360 or PSVita port?

  38. Bob says:

    very happy congratulations to you guys I expected that pre-orders are open for booking the games
    but you already know the price of games ???

    I also hope the game makes very big sale that you can continue making games ;)

  39. gumionday says:

    Awesome news guys, keep at it. Can’t wait to purchase this game and help keep you guys going as developers and get a bitchen new dungeon crawler to play too!

  40. t3mp says:

    Great news… ! I wish you a good start selling it :)

  41. patrikspacek says:

    Good luck with sale and setting up price :O)

  42. myriac says:

    oh god ! we have a release date in the end..fantastic news !! hope to hear a sequel’s release date in fall..i liked to play dm, eob overcast weather ;)

  43. tcrown says:

    Congrats on being almost done for PC but very sad that no announcement for Mac/iOS : (

  44. xarokin says:

    good news guys i wish you have millions of sales we are 40 here and this number grow up fast wish you the best !!!!

  45. Beerdy says:

    We are so proud of you mates from Almost Human! And btw Vanguard:Saga of Heroes community is pretty familiar with your game, especially band of players from the guild Lonely Wolf – so you have your fans among MMORPG players as well!:)
    God bless fantasy!

  46. Igor Jovanovic says:

    Just want to say that here in Serbia we have many old school gamers who just cry for this kind of game!
    I opened a thread regarding LoG on ours best computer magazines forum, and people are thrilled! I update it with your links regularly, “spreading the word” :D
    Also I registered on your forums, and gave my contribution in creative corner with a picture :D

    Thanks for doing this, wish you best of luck with sales!

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English :)

  47. jimicapone says:

    Woohoo, can’t wait !

  48. Tom says:

    if it’s Steam, please wink twice :)

  49. Sherris says:

    Second I saw this, posted it all over reddit. Advertising ftw! Want this game to do well so maybe we get more.

  50. Borther Karras says:

    Congratulations, Guys! Looking forward to the release day.

    Have a nice weekend! :)