Legend of Grimrock Build 001

March 30, 2012|

Hi there! First a recap from this week in case you have somehow missed the big news: Pre-orders for Grimrock have now started with a discounted price of $11.99, that’s 20% off from the retail price. So be sure to check out the preorder page if you haven’t already done so. We are also glad Read More »

Release Date Announced - Pre-order Now!

March 27, 2012|

Finally the day has come and we can reveal our super-secret plans! This is what we all have been waiting for so let’s dive straight into the interesting bits! Legend of Grimrock will be released for PC through Steam, GOG.com and our own website on April 11th for $14.99. With these options everybody should be Read More »


March 23, 2012|

Normally a sane corporate developer wouldn’t fix non-critical issues in a game just a couple of weeks from launch. But “sane” and “corporate” doesn’t really describe us that well so in our madness we decided to do one more build this week. The build improves the behavior of certain spells, fixes a non-fatal level scripting Read More »

Release Candidate 3

March 16, 2012|

Wait, what happened to release candidate 2? Well, we have been busy working day and night and we actually did two releases this week. 😀 The latest build or “RC3” as we like to call it has now been sent to testers and if any issues are not found in the next couple of days Read More »

Release Candidate 1!

March 9, 2012|

Gather around everyone and listen to another wonderful tale of “things that have happened during the past week or so”. Well, the game is almost done. And amazingly, it’s still pretty entertaining even for me to wander in the hallways and fight some monsters and solve puzzles even though by this point I should already Read More »

Weekly Update and Release News

March 2, 2012|

Time seems to pass abnormally fast when you’re working hard on a project and certainly this has been the case in March for us. But hey, thanks to the leap day we got at least one extra working day! 🙂 We are certainly now starting to feel the pressure of the fast approaching release date Read More »