Hi there! First a recap from this week in case you have somehow missed the big news: Pre-orders for Grimrock have now started with a discounted price of $11.99, that’s 20% off from the retail price. So be sure to check out the preorder page if you haven’t already done so. We are also glad to report that pre-orders are doing pretty good and if sales continue like this it seems likely that we’ll be able to continue making games in the future. A big thank you to everybody who have preordered so far!

A few people have been asking for a making of video and while we’re still too occupied with launch preparations to make a proper video we thought we could share something that might interest you. Thanks to our source code control system it’s possible to go back in time and see how the project looked at its very early stages. So, behold the first ever build of Grimrock!

The build has an epic title “Build 001″ and it’s from April 3rd 2011. It was done in a weekend for no particular reason other than for fun. The project didn’t really start for real back then because the outsourcing projects we were doing for other game companies were keeping us fully occupied. By June we had finished a bigger outsourcing project and we sat down to think about our next move. We dusted off the old build and it didn’t take long for us to get up to speed with our first ever game project. And the rest is history as they say!

Naturally all graphics in the video are placeholders but it already shows what Grimrock is all about: pure old-school gameplay, grid-based dungeon crawling, secret switches, locked doors and of course horrible, horrible creatures with moustaches that haunt you forever in your dreams! Observant readers probably notice that the player walks over a pit in the video – the prototype did not support pits and falling (hey, it could have been a fake illusionary pit! :-P )

Have a nice weekend!


Finally the day has come and we can reveal our super-secret plans! This is what we all have been waiting for so let’s dive straight into the interesting bits!

Legend of Grimrock will be released for PC through Steam, GOG.com and our own website on April 11th for $14.99. With these options everybody should be happy, whether you like to play on Steam, prefer a standalone version, or support the development of Grimrock and our future projects by buying directly from us.

We have been working extra hard for the past months, and this point can’t be stressed enough, we couldn’t have done this without the support from you guys! As a thankyou we have something special in store for you. That’s right, we are launching preorders TODAY for only $11.99 – that’s 20% off from the retail price! Pre-orderers get instant access to game’s goodies including a beautifully crafted game manual, Legend of Grimrock world map, custom made grid paper to print out for all your mapping needs, Grimrock theme music, wallpapers, team photo and art sheets illustrating foul creatures of Mount Grimrock.

Let the party begin and go spread that word! :-)

Mar 232012

Normally a sane corporate developer wouldn’t fix non-critical issues in a game just a couple of weeks from launch. But “sane” and “corporate” doesn’t really describe us that well so in our madness we decided to do one more build this week. The build improves the behavior of certain spells, fixes a non-fatal level scripting bug and we couldn’t resist balancing stats of two monsters while we were at it. Olli also fixed a minor animation issue with door pullchains that manifested only on 4:3 displays. None of the issues were critical and we could have waited for a post-launch patch but we really can’t keep our fingers off this thing, it seems!

Observant readers probably understand the dire consequences of these actions: Yes, I owe Antti a beer. Any recommendations btw.? I’m looking for something that I can buy here in Finland for an indie-affordable price. (Those who missed last week’s post are probably totally clueless what I’m talking about ;-) )

That said, we are really happy to announce that we’re now officially in gold, that’s GOOOOOOOOOOLD BABY! *dancing around the office like a fool*

It’s been a long and challenging journey but we have finally reached this important milestone. But we don’t think it’s the end of the road, more like a fork in the road with ways branching into all sorts of interesting directions: iOS, Mac, map editor, sequel, new IP, living in a dumpster totally broke… ;-)

Now that the game is done, we can fully concentrate on launch preparations like the trailer, press releases, sending out review copies for the press, interviews and so on.

Everybody at the office is totally jazzed up and we really can’t keep in our pants much longer. You are probably as anxious to hear about the details and we can finally reveal them all next week!

Stay tuned!


Wait, what happened to release candidate 2? Well, we have been busy working day and night and we actually did two releases this week. :-D The latest build or “RC3″ as we like to call it has now been sent to testers and if any issues are not found in the next couple of days this will be the gold build! Fingers crossed!

So, what has happened this week? Juho has been working on the trailer and it’s progressing well. Next week we’ll hand it over to Stakula, our man in charge of music production. Besides starring in a super secret video, Antti has been working on the installer and he has also been making so many builds this week that we lost count. I actually had to do a dubious deal with Antti, saying something along the lines of “if we have to do yet another new build before releasing the game, I owe Antti a beer, not just any kind of beer but some really nice imported beer.” Antti actually forced me to write this down on paper with my signature on it and he stored the paper somewhere in a secure place.

Aaanyway, back to the report. Olli has been doing paperwork for the launch and it now seems that things are finally nearing completion on that front. He would much prefer to work on animations but someone got to do the dirty work! Me, I’ve been fixing the remaining issues with the game and improving game balance and playtesting. Nothing big but things like adjusting the damage of spells and such.

Oh, oh, and we have a game manual now and some extra goodies too that we’re going to ship with the game. I don’t want to reveal what they are but it’s something you can print and it looks gorgeous :)

Some people have been asking about the key art made by Juho some time ago. There’s no reason to hold it back, so here you go, behold the magnificent almost default party (one of the characters have been exchanged, can you guess who?).

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now. Stay tuned for next week!


Gather around everyone and listen to another wonderful tale of “things that have happened during the past week or so”.

Well, the game is almost done. And amazingly, it’s still pretty entertaining even for me to wander in the hallways and fight some monsters and solve puzzles even though by this point I should already be seriously overdosed by the game. And some of our friends who have been testing the game have already played the game through twice or more! Needless to say, all of this seems very promising to us and we hope the game will find its audience when it is released in April. :D
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Time seems to pass abnormally fast when you’re working hard on a project and certainly this has been the case in March for us. But hey, thanks to the leap day we got at least one extra working day! :) We are certainly now starting to feel the pressure of the fast approaching release date which on one hand feels a really joyful moment but at the same time it’s a bit frightening because we have to stop polishing and adding cool stuff to the game we have learned to love so much. Legend of Grimrock is certainly a lot more personal project to us than other games we have worked on in the past and therefore it’s a bit sad to finally let our baby go out to the big world.
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