Earlier today I noticed my Facebook feed had some Rebecca Black links again. It could only mean two things: first, the current state of pop music is appalling, and second, it’s Friday and therefore it’s time for another weekly update!

On last update we mentioned some new tweaks on the GUI and now I’ve got a screenshot to illustrate the matter:

So, what we essentially did was merge the portraits and attack buttons into one area instead of having them spread out in two opposite corners. Now you can access inventories of the characters, do some attacking and spell casting or shuffle the marching order all from the same area. To get there, Petri and Juho spent days talking only in a strange language that consists solely of numbers and single letters:
“Y? … 10.”
So, to those of you who have been saying that the UI spread across both corners is stupid, I raise my hat to you sirs. You have been right all along! :) Even if it took a lot of iterating to get all the pieces to fit together perfectly, this layout is much better to use.
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It’s been another busy week at the AH office. Last week’s compatibility test kept us occupied couple of days, but we managed to squash some nice juicy bugs. The game now works better with older graphics cards like NVIDIA 6000 and 7000 series. Overall the test went really fine and we’re happy with the results. Thanks again to everybody who participated.

As the post’s title says, this week has mostly been about tweaking stuff. As we’re getting every day closer to finishing the game, major feature implementations get scarcer. We are focusing on testing, tweaking and fine tuning things here and there. Creatures have learned some nasty new moves to make the escape from the dungeons yet a bit harder. We also now have a big TO DO list on our whiteboard that we need to clear before the launch. Luckily the list gets shorter as the days pass. GUI got some tender loving as we merged the attack buttons and character portraits to the bottom right side of the screen. Now the marching order is much clearer and it is also easier to change the order by dragging the panels and everything looks a lot better and cleaner this way. The tutorial has been cleaned up and it is now easier to digest. On the business side, things nudged a bit forward, which is nice, but we can’t say anything more about that in here this time. Sorry ;)

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If you haven’t checked out what our dear friends at Theory Interactive, who have their office in the neighborhood, have been doing check this out.


Thank you all for participating in the hardware compatibility test! We received a great deal of data and there were at least 4000 downloads of the test. Thankfully, only a handful of problems surfaced but there’s still one or two issues we are currently inspecting, mostly with very old graphics cards. Overall it seems like the game is working rather nicely! It’s still possible that we might want to run another test before the launch but we’ll see if it’s necessary.

As you might notice, the post and its comments about the test are not here anymore due to some server shenanigans we had simultaneously when launching the test but we have all the comments saved for future reference. :)


This week’s feature will be a little different from the usual since this time we have a guest writer! Stakula, the composer of the theme music of Legend of Grimrock shares some insight on the creation process of the music. You can either listen to the tune with the embedded player or download it as an mp3. Enjoy!

Summer 2011 I noticed an interesting trailer link in Finnish IGDA pages about a game called Legend of Grimrock by a new Finnish game team Almost Human. I was intrigued because it was very much like old Dungeon Master games which I was big fan of back in the good ol’ gaming days. I contacted the team, congratulated them on great concept and gave them some advise on sound design.

Sometime later, it so happened that Almost Humans were interested in having me compose the main theme for the game! Antti Tiihonen contacted me early September and shortly after I met the guys in Espoo. Game looked fantastic and we agreed that catchy, fully orchestrated song would be what the game needs, a memorable theme with strong emotional impact.

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