Weekly update from the Vault of the Orb

January 27, 2012|

One more week of work behind us, yay! That means that we’re one week closer to a finished game and to celebrate it, here’s a new desktop background image for you all! It’s a wider crop of a picture we teased you with a while ago.

This week’s update will be a refreshing mixture of a bulleted list straight from our version control’s changelogs and some of my freeform rambling! But I’ll keep the bullet point list rather brief this time by including only a single quote from the file commit comments:
“- Added bugs (LOL)”

Oh Juho, you’re so funny! 😀

Anyways, besides adding bugs, we’ve been eliminating them aplenty this week. A lot of nasty ones too. For example there was a brief moment when all of our monsters were immortal but since it made the game a little too difficult, we had to fix it. Oh, and regarding difficulty, the game now has a setting for combat difficulty! If you feel like you want to concentrate more on the puzzles and adventuring and just glide through the combat, just switch it to easy! Also, keyboard bindings should work now pretty universally across any sort of keyboard, language or key and if you accidentally hit caps lock during an intense combat it won’t be a problem. The fabled “oldschool mode” that disables the automap was implemented and we’ve also added a little more spice to the spells and the key art of the game is looking mighty fine too!

Of course we’ve had steady progress on the animation polish work too and the levels have also been on the receiving end of some additional lovin’. Iteration, iteration, iteration! That’s what video game development is about! 🙂

In addition to the “routine” work, we’ve been kept busy today by a lot of mails and interviews, thanks to positive coverage on Reddit. We unfortunately don’t have time to reply to you all individually but your feedback really means a lot to us and we’re really humbled from all of the positive comments people have left on Reddit, this blog, our e-mail and elsewhere. Thank you! 🙂

Oh, and now we finally have an e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to. You can find it here, on the sidebar to the right. So if you want a reminder when the game can be bought, subscribe!

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