We see dead people

December 14, 2011|

Yes, we know our regular updates have been a bit irregular lately. Fear not, we’re not dead, but these guys have been decaying for a while now. As you saw in the beta video, the undead haunt the dungeons in numbers. As you make your way deeper into Mount Grimrock, you’ll encounter rotting warriors still patrolling their ancient guard posts.

The Spear Guards often move in a deadly formation and fight as one, even though their blood turned to ashes countless years ago. The Bow Guards shoot their magical arrows in pin point accuracy from a great distance. Even death hasn’t erased the military ways of the Skeleton Warriors and they are still as deadly or even deadlier in their afterlife.

As additional information about the Skeleton Warriors, here’s some images taken from a 3D sculpting program Zbrush, where high resolution models were sculpted to be later baked into a low resolution game models. The design in Skeleton Warriors is a mixture of a roman and medieval themes. The Roman flavor really help to underline that the warriors were, and still are well trained and disciplined fighters.

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