The Almost Human team wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and an Awesome New Year! It’s been a hectic autumn and we’re taking a small well deserved holiday break. We’ll be back at the start of the year, hopefully well rested and well fed to be able to finish the game and get it out. We’d like to thank all the fans for the overwhelming support for the past months. Your support has been giving us the strength to push ourselves to the limit and to do the best possible game for you. So better start gathering your rations, because next year you’ll be trapped in the dungeons!


Update time!

Instead of a regular condensed report here’s the full changelog since the last update. What do you think, is this too much detail? :D

Naturally we don’t want to spoil all the secrets so we have censored some parts with XXX for your reading pleasure!

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Yes, we know our regular updates have been a bit irregular lately. Fear not, we’re not dead, but these guys have been decaying for a while now. As you saw in the beta video, the undead haunt the dungeons in numbers. As you make your way deeper into Mount Grimrock, you’ll encounter rotting warriors still patrolling their ancient guard posts.

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Hellouu! This week’s update contains stuff from the last two weeks since last week’s big feature here on the blog was the beta trailer and the new screenshots. It’s getting increasingly difficult to compile these lists since we are not adding that many new shiny things into the game but instead we focus more and more on the small details, bugs and balancing.

Here we go:
* You can write notes on the map now. We are also redoing the map background graphics and layout to look better and show more information.
* 2 final levels have been reworked quite a bit. The flow of these levels clearly needed improvement.
* More character portraits have been added (19 total now).
* Graphics and audio options have been implemented.
* Added support for treasure maps.
* Game statistics have been implemented. For example, you can now track the number of monsters killed, items found and most importantly your progress on the secrets.
* The tutorial has been improved and extended quite a bit.
* Added compass item which should be helpful if you dare to play in old school mode (no auto-map).
* Work on adding special attacks for monsters has started.
* And of course lots and lots of bug fixes and polishing.

Next up:
* More bug fixing and polishing.
* Add a few more spells and potions for extra variety.
* Testing, testing, testing…

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