Weekly update from Goromorg Temple

October 21, 2011|

Another week and another update (despite the fact that we forgot to do one last week, oops)! The game is really starting to feel like a complete game, we are this close on having a game that you could install and then play all the way through! And the whole thing would feel pretty much like a real, complete game as well, instead of some strange unfinished prototype. I think next week is the week we can proudly call it alpha. But the real work is about to start: after alpha we can start concentrating on improving all the aspects of the game and put in some extra polish and implement all sorts of new fun little things! More spells, skills, monster special attacks, some new monster variants, level and puzzle improvements but, most important of all, a lot of testing and balancing!

Oh, regarding the testing. A lot of people have asked us if they can get to test the game out. We are not actively looking for additional testers at the moment but we’ll let you people know here on the blog or on Facebook if we need some extra help!

Anyways, here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to lately:

  • New levels! Every level needed for the final game now exist (although if inspiration strikes, we might still add some more) and it should take only like a day’s worth of work anymore to have them all in alpha stage. We’ve also revisited some old levels and improved them, including the very beginning of the game.
  • The end game is shaping up. We’ve custom built a lot of content and functionality for it!
  • End cinematic. I could describe this in more detail but somehow I think there’s some spoilers there.
  • A new dungeon environment. It’s a short sentence but trust me, it involves a lot of work!
  • The game now has 14 distinct monsters! All of them are fully animated too. If my brain would work like a marketing person’s, I would have said 16 since that’s the number if you include variants in the calculation. We’ve got a few more in the pipeline at the moment too.
  • A new spell, what ever it is, I’ll never tell! Oh well! Swell… Okay, let’s move on…
  • Automap is in almost final form (and yes you can disable it too if you happen have a pad of graph paper that needs to be filled)
  • This is a little more under-the-hood but still very important: packaging and game launcher have progressed. This means that the game can be distributed and installed on other computers more easily.
  • The game features a marching order (two people on the front, two on the back) and now we’ve got the interface for it to change it while playing.
  • We’ve got food in the game. This has been cooking for a while (ha!) but it’s nearing completion now. We’ve got herbs too with some mystical properties!

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