Weekly news from Mount Grimrock

October 1, 2011|

We have been extremely busy again working towards alpha. Here are some tidbits from this week:

+ Created 2 new dungeon levels with emphasis on puzzles
+ Olli has been polishing animations for three monsters (or do the “in-betweens” as they say in animator jargon)
+ Antti has been adding new melee weapons and armor.
+ Added a new special melee attack mode for a “secret super-aggressive enemy type” (sorry, we want to keep details about enemies pretty vague so the monsters will be more scary and mysterious when you encounter them)
+ We got the first draft of the Grimrock theme music from our composer. It rocks!
+ We had a long brainstorm session about the end game which we are starting to work on next week. That should be fun!

With the work starting on the end game, I expect us to reach the alpha milestone (i.e. game playable from start to end) in a few weeks. After that, maybe a month more to beta… The end of the year is shaping up to be really hectic but exciting!

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  1. Jack Dandy says:

    A sort-of light at the end of the tunnel, huh? Good job, I can’t wait to hear more.

    A little note- I (and I’m sure many others) would love to hear at least a teaser of the game’s theme music!

    And thanks again for the weekly updates, we really appreciate these.

    • petri says:

      It wouldn’t be fair towards our composer to release a sneak peak of the work in progress at this point so we have to wait at least a little while 🙂 but we’ll certainly keep this in mind!

  2. 2lee says:

    Guys, fingers crossed, wishing good luck and patience! I’m looking forward to this game more than Christmas!
    I’ve only played turn-based dungeon crawlers so could you please describe your idea or already implemented fighting-tactics in the game?
    Few weeks ago you mentioned in your update: “monsters do nasty counter attacks if you keep doing the forward, hit, backward routine too much”
    Is there any other way to fight with monsters? 🙂
    P.S.: if you dont want to spoil anything just say YES 🙂

    • petri says:

      Well, it’s much easier to experience the different options yourself than to try to describe them 🙂 But the fun emerges from outsmarting and outmaneuvering your opponents while juggling with spells and timing your attacks precisely. Rune-based spellcasting is also an important factor that adds player’s skill into the mix – you have to remember the right rune combos and either prepare spells before combat or tap the runes while battling foes. Besides that you have to find out the best tactics for different monsters. And then there’s of course ranged attacks too. Naturally since it’s all realtime you have to think fast. It’s quite different from turn-based gameplay but it doesn’t mean one or the other is better or worse, they’re just very different.

      • Jack Dandy says:

        This sounds awesome. I really hope you can make the battles more interesting then “attack-cooldown-attack again”. I never really played games like Dungeon Master / Eye of the Beholder, but I know some people who claim their fights aren’t challenging at all, and are just about button mashing, while claiming turn-based crawlers like Wizardry are better.

        I’m looking forward to seeing how interesting you can make the battles!

      • 2lee says:

        Sounds very interesting! THX for the reply.
        One more question: spellcasting – is there any energy to deplete (mana) for using magic or are you using cooldown?

  3. Hmm says:

    Ooh, music. I’m really hoping for it to get more and more sinister, somewhat depressing and scary the deeper the party delves into the dungeons, hoping to reach the exit from the prison they found themselves in… Will that be the case? 😉

    • petri says:

      Actually instead of having music on all the time we are leaning heavily towards using atmospheric ambient sounds during gameplay because it fits the mood nicely and enhances the feeling of being in a desolate and barren mountain prison. With the theme we want to set up the right mood and bring you to the Grimrock universe before even starting a new game.

  4. Matheus P says:


  5. Dan Harlow says:

    I had no idea you guy’s were so close to alpha. I guess coming in an hour earlier is paying off as it sounds like the game is really coming together nicely.

  6. Beerdy says:

    You are the best – I almost dare to think about playing LoG during Xmas lazytime 🙂
    Regarding the music – I guess that something like song “Without a name” (Clan of Xymox, album Creatures) would perfectly match with expected dark atmosphere…
    And btw if you think about translation from English to Czech language, jus let me know 😉

    Be dungeon force with you!

  7. Oskuro says:

    This will make my christmas :D. I’ll even install bootcamp so that I can play it from the get-go but also really looking forward to playing it on osx and ios. Will there be a purchase option to get the game on all three platforms or do I need to buy it three times?

    • petri says:

      I don’t know if it’s even theoretically possible to bundle all three platforms in a single purchase option because each platform has their separate digital distributor… So the answer is I don’t know / probably no :-/

  8. foossile says:

    i can’t wait 🙂
    if you want a french beta tester, i’m your man 🙂

  9. Bluerps says:

    If you are wondering why your page is so busy:
    You just got linked by notch. 🙂


    • Lizzipoos says:

      Yeah I just saw that! I was shocked haha.
      Hopefully it’ll be a good thing and not a bad thing..

  10. LoneStar says:

    Wow, I’ve just watched the trailer (Note that I’ve never played this kind of game before) and you’ve impressed me HIGHLY. I’m used to all the brand new, all singing all dancing kind of games (I’m 14, so I’m growing up with the before mentioned kind of games), but I must say, that your game is looking amazing. I wouldn’t even care if the graphics were 8bit or something, but what your doing looks great! I’m defiantly going to play it, which begs the question, Is it free?

    • petri says:

      Hey LoneStar, great to hear that you like what you’re seeing – it is like a holy ongoing mission to us, I mean spreading the pure joy and awesomeness of the golden oldies we grew up with to a new generation. Now to your question, Legend of Grimrock will not be free but it won’t be full priced either. Sorry I can’t be more specific because the exact price hasn’t been determined yet.

  11. Marzhin says:

    I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

    • Isaac says:

      I’ll second that one; (better than typing “me too”).

      Seriously though… I have also been waiting a very long time for a game like this one looks to be.

      @Petri: Were there any influences from Menzoberranzan or “Stone Prophet” when the team was designing Grimrock?

      I plan to re-visit both this year ~as I never completed either, but had a blast playing both.

      Would you answer a technical question about the engine? While I would not expect it to be used in-game (regular play), does your engine support free-look? I wondered if such support was being used in cutscenes and the like (if any)?

      • petri says:

        I have to admit (shamefully) that I haven’t played those games you mention – maybe I should check them out, after Grimrock is done of course 🙂

        Our engine works internally in full 3D so free-look in no problem at all. However, LoG will not have cutscenes with external pov during gameplay because we feel it breaks the immersion a bit and frankly we’d rather spend our resources on actual gameplay than fancy cutscenes.

        • bsu says:

          You should. Menzoberranzan and the two Ravenloft games are superb. In addition to the Eye of the Beholder series, the first Lands of Lore, and Anvil of Dawn, of course.

          • mawna says:

            You should definately play “Lands of Lore” a classic, with so many interesting/funny characters. And the animations are simply beautiful even to this day.

            Ravenloft: Strahd’s Posession. Good atmosphere, I like the art. But can be a pain to navigate.

      • antti says:

        I played through Menzoberranzan almost twice. It was quite fun, although I would imagine that the controls could be a little fiddly by today’s standards if you opt to use the movement model that is not constrained to the grid.

      • Hmm says:

        Wow… I’ve never actually played Ravenloft Stone Prophet, but it looks awesome. Smooth movement, NPC interactions and a DESERT SETTING. The latter makes makes me super interested.

  12. external error says:

    i havent played dungeon crawlers in years… this game seems like a little box of sunshine to the gaming world…. graphics and gameplay sound/look awesome… good luck with the further battle of coding….

  13. Victus says:

    I just want to drop and line and say that you guys are doing some phenomenal work here. I’ve been dreaming of a new dungeon crawler for years.

    Everything I’ve seen so far looks so great. You guys are doing a good job here, and I cant wait.

  14. Beerdy says:

    Mates, hope your game will allow to save a position whenever player wants to- IMHO so-called savepoints are usually ruining gameplay and push player to repeatly get through the same part again and again and again…sorry if you have already answered such a question previously 😉

    Cheers! \o/
    / \

    • petri says:

      You can definitely save anywhere and anytime you want.

      • Jack Dandy says:

        About this-
        I actually dislike abusing quicksaves. Heck, just knowing I can only count on them, means I start doing that.
        I understand you need to appeal to both kind of players, but can you please try and add some optional “limited number of saves per dungeon level” difficulty option? I really find it helps me get immersed in games better, and plan ahead carefully. Again, let it be optional so everyone can be happy! If possible, that is…

        • Beerdy says:

          Abusing??? hmmm…so why don´t you just ignore that saving option and use only one save slot per lvl e.g.? 😉 Be hard,be brave! 😀

          • Jack Dandy says:

            I can’t, man! It’s that dang OCD I have!
            If I can only rely on quicksaves, I can’t help but feel I’m cheating when using them, without a proper “ruleset”…

            I guess it’s kind of hard to explain. orz

        • Hmm says:

          Agree if it’s 100% optional. Or better, as Beerdy suggested, make an oath not to abuse quicksaving before playing. 😉

        • Isaac says:

          I can be enough to just mark a game in some way… Like a running tally of of how many times you rolled your character ~permanently “branded” on the character sheet somewhere. The same could work for saves, if the game tracked the times you died during play ~during the entire run of the game.

          Or an Ironman mode; A mode that CRC checks the save, and erases it if you die… Possibly even erasing your characters if they die by dismemberment (gibbed). Not for everyone to be sure, and likely not good for one’s first play through.

      • t3mp says:

        Hi petri,

        plz put a “super-evil-hardcore-only-one-live” mode as an option in the game 🙂

        • petri says:

          Hah, I like that idea! Roguelike permadeath but with 4 characters, that would be sweet!

          • Isaac says:

            A.D.O.M. does this, and even tamper-proofs its saves against hex editing; and deletes them when your PC dies, and gives a eulogy of their accomplishments.

            I remember quite the game in Icewind Dale, playing a level 1 party on Heart of Fury mode; Goblins in the first town had (IIRC) +29 to damage and strike. It was great fun, but they died too much for it to be a one-life game.

      • tsa says:

        Thanks for the option to save anytime anywhere! Not all gamers are masochistic.

  15. Creepah says:

    Wow , sounds like a really cool game !

  16. matthew says:

    nice to see the updates continuing, and that the game is slowly becoming alpha quality,

    keep up the great work you are doing, I love everything that you have done so far

    I honestly can’t wait to buy this game

  17. Slynt says:

    I discovered this blog and the project quite by accident half an hour ago (through pcgamer.com) and fuck you make me so happy it hurts. Now I am all giddy for you are making precisely what I have been yearning for since, well, the good old days. Thanks so much.
    I have promoted your project on my blog (slynt.blogspot.com) and will follow your blog with great interest though I want to remain unspoiled as to the game itself.
    Thank you so much for this. I am almost at the point of wanting to marry and have babies with you guys.
    If you need any input on story / checking for typos, I am all up for it.


    • petri says:

      Only 2 guys in the team (of four) are married so you might be in luck! 😀

      And thank you for spreading the word! We really appreciate it.

      • Slynt says:

        Well, you can’t imagine how much I appreciate your project! My favorite game of all time is Eye of the Beholder II: Legend of Darkmoon … I guess that says it all 🙂
        I’ve watched the gameplay video several times now, I am so impressed. It looks so slick and neat and retro all at the same time. Love how that slug moves and sounds!
        Going to read everything on this blog now to get a better idea. But seriously, thanks ^^

  18. Allan says:

    Hats of to you guys, like an earlier comment i have been waiting for a DM,EOB,LOL,Ultima game for t
    the last 20 years,brill gameplay short to,cant play the old uns cant get em to run 🙁 Cant wait for release date. Yes i to would like up-dated versions of the classics above,maybe yr next project guys,anyway love & luck to u all 🙂

  19. […] da parte di Almost Human Ltd riguardo lo sviluppo dei lavori su Legend of Grimrock. Dal loro sito ufficiale apprendiamo che al momento il titolo si trova in fase alpha e sono state aggiunte modificate le […]

  20. […] da parte di Almost Human Ltd riguardo lo sviluppo dei lavori su Legend of Grimrock. Dal loro sito ufficiale apprendiamo che al momento il titolo si trova in fase alpha e sono state aggiunte/modificate le […]

  21. […] loro sito ufficiale apprendiamo che al momento il titolo si trova in fase alpha e sono state aggiunte/modificate […]

  22. Poutror says:

    This game is kinda what I’ve been expecting for for like 15 years ! Keep up the good work !

  23. Sphagne says:

    This look insane, and brings back sweet old memories. :goodjob:

    Hope you can gradually add some real-time random dungeon generators to add randomized areas to the game as well. 🙂

    So for instance, you see a trapdoor on the ground or ceiling, and those trapdoors can lead to randomized areas, that get generated after you click on the trapdoor, with a message to wait while your members decent/climb that trapdoor.

    Or the game engine can look for the trapdoors in each level, and gradually generate a random dungeon level for that trapdoor as you find your way toward it, and after that it would be saved on the permanent media, and available for when you use that trapdoor.

    After I see your game in action, and understand how it works, I might even consider developing an algorithm for randomized mazes, and offer them. Who knows.

    Keep on the good work.

    • Poutror says:

      I agree to this. Some random is always welcome in that kind of games.

    • antti says:

      Randomized dungeons is something we’d like to do at some point, possibly as an expansion to the game or whatnot. However, it would most likely be a separate game mode that would be disconnected from the “main quest”. Mixing the two together could be a little trickier to pull off elegantly and make them balanced too. However, there are naturally some random elements in the main quest too but probably nothing that extensive.

      Thanks for the input!

      • Isaac says:

        Unless the design is “work your way down to the bottom (of the mountain), and escape to freedom”, you could perhaps have the tunnels go deeper, [older] ~going down far deeper than the point needed to escape the prison. These older tunnels could (plausibly) be an accidental labyrinth of one area built over the ruins of another ~again and again, several times over… Perfect for a random maze and even semi-random content.

  24. Jack Dandy says:

    Here’s a neat article I found (Don’t mind the somewhat eyebrow-raising address, please!), detailing what can potentially make dungeons so awesome.


    Give it a read if you’re interested!

  25. Reap says:

    How do I test the alpha? anywhere to buy/preorder? someone tell me please.

    • petri says:

      Hi there! We hope to reach alpha in a few weeks but it’s more like an internal deadline for us, so most likely there will not be a public alpha test. Likewise, we’ll have to wait closer to launch to get the buying and preordering options sorted out.

  26. XReply says:

    OMGeeee, *nerdgasm*

  27. adam says:

    I have one little suggestion abouth the movement through the dungeons that might just add the tiniest little bit of realism. It seems to me that the movement through each grid is very fast and rigid, would it work maybe to make it a tiny bit slower and some random side to side movement? as if it was someone moving with a camera attached to the middle of their chest?

    Just a thought!

    cheers and keep up the amazing work ;0)

  28. RAF says:

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    a video of your game is to pass on a French video game chain

    I buy a brand new high-performance PC to be near when your games will come out

    I am a big fan of your work

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