More weekly news!

October 28, 2011|

Another week nearing completion and, as usual, we’ve been working our assess off! The focus of the work is already shifting towards improving what we already have made instead of concentrating on adding new stuff in the game so it’s quite possible that filling out a nice long list of new things in the game Read More »

Magic and runes

October 14, 2011|

Spell casting is an integral part of the diet of any healthy fantasy setting and there have been numerous different approaches to it in computer role playing games. To us, the systems where you pick a spell from a list have always felt very mundane: invoking magic should feel like you’re messing around with mystical Read More »

Weekly news from Mount Grimrock

October 1, 2011|

We have been extremely busy again working towards alpha. Here are some tidbits from this week: + Created 2 new dungeon levels with emphasis on puzzles + Olli has been polishing animations for three monsters (or do the “in-betweens” as they say in animator jargon) + Antti has been adding new melee weapons and armor. Read More »