Weekly update & new screenshot!

September 23, 2011|

Some highlights from this week:

+ Character generation (wohoo!)
+ New character race.
+ 4 new talents.
+ 2 new monsters but they need more love before they are in alpha quality.
+ 8 new harmful conditions to make our prisoners’ lives even more challenging.
+ about 20 new item graphics.
+ 6 new portraits.
(+ Juho has generated about a gallon of mucus.)

+ Implemented right-click stack merging and splitting for stackable inventory items.
+ Added 5 new herbs.

105 responses to “Weekly update & new screenshot!”

  1. Sol_HSA says:

    The name’s Power. Will Power.

    Maybe you meant willpower?

  2. Mike says:

    + 4 new talents.
    + 2 new monsters

    …I first thought that you had recruited new workers… πŸ™‚ Screen looks nice, keep it simple!

  3. Jack Dandy says:

    Great to see you’re adding in traditional character generation, and not just a pre-set gang!

    Looking forward to more.

  4. Hmm says:

    It’s great we can create our own characters instead of only choosing pre-sets. That should help re-playablity greatly.

    If we click on or point the cursor above, for example, “strength”, “health”, “evasion”, “talents” etc. will a detailed explanation be displayed in the window below the portraits? Like “strength affects attack power and resistances”?

  5. Hmm says:

    Forgot to add – that’s a nice looking cursor! Nice replacement for the Windows one you had before. πŸ™‚

  6. NErdbot says:

    I am going to play this game day and night till I lose my job.

  7. NErdbot says:

    An option to import custom portraits: That would 220 units of awesomeness.

  8. t3mp says:

    Nice artwork, clean & simple interface. I like it.

    Please include this “sliding rock sound” when a button is pressed πŸ™‚ (remember this sound from Eye of the Beholder)

    • Jason says:

      Ha! Your comment brought that back to me! I spent *so* much time with EoB and EoB 2… great games!!

      • San-Raal says:

        Those games were great πŸ™‚

        It was extremely nice to have a pencil and paper.

        …Teleports…So many teleports in small area. And true seeing was a must!

    • Drosile says:

      I was a huge fan of eye of the beholder and another game that was on super nintendo called arcana.

  9. Longbow says:

    WOW, that looks really promising.

  10. andrzej says:

    looks nice πŸ™‚ love the moss on the wall πŸ™‚

  11. Will there be any kind of Eye of the Beholder tributes? πŸ™‚

  12. adam says:

    lovely clean U.I, really pro looking, love it!

  13. Isaac says:

    The portraits are cool, but I have to ask… Does the game allow players (that wish to tinker), to add additional portraits, and the game support using the new ones as simply more to pick from?

    (Or would official ones have to be replaced for this to work?) People love custom portraits… I once “hacked” a few into “Eye of the Beholder” to replace the ones I’d never use.

    • petri says:

      Not at the moment. I agree this would be a great feature but I’m not sure if we can fit it into our busy schedule… Would it be ok if this was added in post-release update?

      • LonePaladin says:

        I’m good with that idea.

      • axs says:

        Yep! , i agree too, you have a great load of work, and something like this would be well received ,after the game itΒ΄s finished.

      • Isaac says:

        Fine by me; Certainly.

        * I wasn’t even thinking of an official Import button; just of adding BMPs or DDS portraits into a folder ‘by hand’ and altering a ‘hot loading’ text file with the names. πŸ™‚

        Official support (even post release) would be very cool indeed.

      • mawna says:

        Of course

  14. 2lee says:

    Hey guys, awesome pictures. I’m really looking forward to play this game although I’m not a big “fan” of dungeon crawlers – or to be more punctual I have no experience with this type of game. (Only Gates of Skeldal – CZ game) Guess I’m still too young (24). Keep up the good work!
    Best regards from Slovakia!!!

  15. Moorkh says:

    Thanks a lot for the blog – just what I was hoping for! πŸ™‚

    Some things I need to get out:
    – Strongly supporting above suggestion about importable custom portraits – players these days expect to visually customise their characters, and I don’t think you will want to spend enough ressources an making portraits to please even half of them.
    – Let us roll! Dice, I mean. Point allocation makes sense if balancing a multiplayer game, but for single player, rolling and re-rolling has always been part of the fun!
    – Does it make sense to have a non-lizardman rogue in your party? With those modifiers I think there won’t be an alternative. I’m not sure if you want to have just one ideal race for (every?) class…
    – No gender? Sure, the portrait will make gender obvious (for humans), but games used to take gender into account if only to relate to them properly in in-game messages (“Ghoul (20′) critically hits Zhorastra, wounding HER for 453 points of damage”).
    – enough already!

    • Moorkh says:

      What the…! How did I suddenly get a new picture?

    • petri says:

      Does it make sense to have a non-lizardman rogue in your party?
      Yes, for example, humans get more skill points and you can boost his dexterity with talents and/or point buy.

      I kinda like that idea. I have to think about it some more…

      • Charles says:

        I made a somewhat comparable game & have dice roll and people have asked for the opposite for different reasons. Just so you know – keep it how you like it πŸ™‚

      • LonePaladin says:

        Just keep in mind that, if you add an option to roll dice for stats, some players will sit back and reroll as many times as needed to get the maximum values. Someone might even go so far as to write a lua script to automate the rerolling, or make an edit that automagically maxes it out.

        I vote to keep the point-allocation. It gives all the characters an even footing initially, and ensures that if someone wants to maximize one stat, they’ll have to pay for it through the others.

        • Isaac says:

          That’s why you might want to watermark their character sheet with the number of rolls they had for stats.

          In the EOB series, they did give the option to just set your stats (presumably to allows players to import a PnP based D&D character).

      • Charles says:

        I should have added that due to popular demand in the future I’ll be switching to point allocation. There are a lot of people that assimilate dice-rolling to long stretches of rerolling and find it needlessly pointless and annoying.

        Good luck with your project, although it doesn’t look like you’ll be needing it πŸ™‚

      • Isaac says:

        Its a curious thing with dice in computer RPGs…

        I would prefer that each character’s ability with their weapon be the determining factor for the success of their attack. Not truly random, but rather a weighted probability that allows them to miss, but the odds are that they won’t with reasonable skill ~but a monster’s armor and agility (or skill at defense) would affect this.

        But what’s curious is they way some players interpret the dice. Those that view their characters as separate individuals usually accept their characters limitations as well as strengths; While those that play the game as if they were there (personally), often take failing dice rolls personally; or mistake the rolls for an utterly random [arbitrary] chance ~and many don’t like it.

        Its the same with picking locks… If the PC can’t pick locks then the lock should not get opened; If they fail at a complicated lock it’s (conceptually) due to circumstance, not random chance. The lock could be rusty, could be broken, might not open easily even with the key (this would be where the thief’s great skill overcomes the odds of a tougher than average lock).

  16. Jack Dandy says:

    About the portrait thing- Here’s a suggestion.
    Couldn’t you maybe make a simple “paper-doll” like customizer for the pictures? Something that gives you a bunch of generic, relatively featureless faces and lets you pick hairstyle/color/accessories or something like that? The fact the portraits are 2D should make it pretty simple.

    • juho says:

      That’s a nice idea. But unfortunately we don’t have time to implement anything like that. Currently the portraits burn only my work hours. System like that would take Petri’s valuable coding hours away from more important tasks. Maybe we can implement something like that in the future. I’d like too some customization feature.

      • Jack Dandy says:

        Makes sense- I guess working hours should be more focused on gameplay than on cosmetic bells and whistles. Keep at it!

      • Isaac says:

        I’m not too keen on paper-doll portrait assembler, but I have seen it done pretty well. Pool of Radiance had a simple one with just heads and bodies, but Blood&Magic had a pretty decent one (but only after you beat the game! The game featured campaign portraits in the regular story mode. Such might be an after release addition perhaps.)

        B&M’s had hats, faces, and bodies; and more faces (races & monsters).

  17. bobbd says:

    What happens if you only choose 1 or 2 players? For a real challenge, it would be fun to play with a single prisoner. The way the party is set up, a single would be on one side or the other. Can you move the prisoners around? Exchange sides or front to back? A single prisoner could dance side to side to avoid being hit, but really he/she should be in the middle.

  18. LonePaladin says:

    I like that the race options don’t include the cliche-standard elf, dwarf, hobbit/h*ling.

  19. axs says:

    Looking great!!

  20. matthew says:

    looking awesome, love the character gen system, import own images would be nice, but if that comes later in an update, fine by me, dice rolling isn’t a bad idea, as it would randomise the stats more,but looking good,

  21. RAF says:

    Hello good idea the generator of character but i find it’s a pity that we cannot put picture of our champions,I would have like playing in games with picture of DM πŸ™‚

    • Von Paulus says:

      My thoughts, exactly. Nothing like playing with the good old DM champions.

      But first lets let them creating the game, with a nice UI, good puzzles, good gameplay and good balancing.
      The nice touches can come after.

  22. silmarill says:

    good work! having the possibility to create own characters is wwwaaayyy better than to have a predefined party!

    QUESTION 1: are the character portraits going to somehow reflect the current state of the character? for example, scratched and bleeding face when on low health, greenish face when poisoned, etc…

    QUESTION 2: are the character races going to have any specific weakness and/or disadvantages? for example, the minotaur might get enraged and could not be controlled for a while, the humans could be weaker to fear and poison, insectoids able to wear only special armor and could be weaker to fire, etc…

    thanks for answer!!!

    • Hmm says:

      Regarding q1 – especially animated faces like in Doom/Lands of Lore would be awesome, but I doubt the team has the time for such a thing.

      • silmarill says:

        hmm: yes, Lands of Lore 1 brought me to this idea because I am playing at the moment πŸ˜€ well I am not very keen on creating graphics, but altering the basic portrait with some blood stains or applying some green color filter on it should be not that hard. and it would bring the characters to life, if you know what i mean…

        • Isaac says:

          Planescape had them too. I wonder if the game could feature MNG portraits.

          **But one has to ask… how much is too much before they actually distract from the game?

  23. Moda says:

    Great news!
    BTW it is little bit off-topic, but while we wait for LoG, i would like to recommend you guys one great dungeon crawler that most of you propably don’t know. It’s Czech game and i am not sure if it was released also in english language, but i think it’s worth of trying to find out. I had a lot of fun playing this.
    It’s called BrΓ‘ny Skeldalu (Gates of Skeldal)

    • Moda says:

      The URL with html tags didn’t worked for me πŸ˜€ So here is link without tags http://youtu.be/kgQ4rTfbC5k

    • Little Fuzzy says:

      Downloading now.
      Makes me wonder, though, if the Grimrock team has a native speaker of English who’ll do the writing.

      • petri says:

        No, the game will be released in Finnish only πŸ˜‰

        • silmarill says:

          WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? Finnish only? why?

          …please tell me that it was just a bad joke πŸ™

          • petri says:

            Well, there are several reasons. First, the huge crowd of native Finnish speaking gamers have not been treated well for several years, so it’s about time somebody made a game exclusively for them. Secondly, this is a real opportunity for us to show how beautiful our language is.

            Nah, I’m just pulling your leg! πŸ˜€

          • t3mp says:


            as far as I remember my one time finnish lesson at school, written finnish will not fit on the screen πŸ™‚

            Btw, the text files should be made public, so the community can do some translation work!

          • silmarill says:

            oh dammit… *SO* close to heart attack 😐

          • Little Fuzzy says:

            I’d love to help translate the game, but I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as replacing the text.

            Depending on the language, you may have to add a new characters to the font(s), like umlauts in German or accented letters in French.

            When you translate an English word or phrase into German, it usually becomes longer. Example:
            Human Minotaur Lizardman Insectoid
            Mensch Minotaurus Echsenmensch Insektoid(er)

            So you either have to change the menu layout, or use a smaller font.
            And I hear it’s even worse in Finnish πŸ˜‰

  24. Sjel says:

    This looks very interesting. Keep Up The Good Work!! Looks like a “must buy” for me. I miss my amiga’s “Black Crypt”. Dungeon games can be awesomely entertaining.

  25. RAF says:

    WHY no time ???

  26. Echnaton says:

    Very nice work! It really looks like you combine the strong points of multiple old roleplaying games. I am looking really forward to buy this game. Some kind of online Charakter-Generator would be nice. This way the fans could experiment with skills and Talents and learn more in Detail.

  27. Matheus P says:

    Simply awesome news! I can’t wait to play it!

  28. Vivallion says:

    I hope you make the dwarves look awesome, i miss the Dwarf fighter combo (unstoppable :3)

  29. […] sito ufficiale di Legend of Grimrock ecco l’elenco delle aggiunte al gioco piΓΉ importanti della […]

  30. r3d14l says:

    Do any of these new “herbs” allow you to see things? Perhaps the giant snails become spoiled children or Dr. Phil after consumption…

  31. Giovanni says:

    Just brilliant. Loving the interface, loving the choices and loving the fact that there will be character generation instead of fixed characters. Keep it up guys, looking amazing so far

  32. spectre says:

    yes i like ,,,this game localised in fr or no?

  33. spectre says:

    one super dungeon master its cool ….thx

  34. Robbeasy says:

    Looking good!!

    Considering the ‘retro’ feel of this game , please approach http://www.GoG.com to distribute it!! I know its not an ‘old’ game, but there is precedent..

    • Isaac says:

      I’ll second that!! Absolutely.

      They sell King’s Bounty, and that’s from 2008.

      They have 21 games for sale that were releases after 2005.

      GoG would be where I’d buy it, if it were for sale there.

    • Hmm says:

      Agree totally. If the team is to distribute their game via a 3rd party website, THIS is what I would choose if I were them. DRM free, awesome support and the right demographics.
      Please do it!

  35. Noso says:

    Take my money already!

  36. Tarnsman says:

    This looks great! I remember the days of drawing out my maps on graph paper when playing Bards Tale and other games.

    I am curious about what’s being done to promote the replay value of this game, I’ll get it regardless but I like to play through games multiple times if there is reason to do so.

  37. Angel L. says:

    Woohoo, character creation! :O

    As if I wasn’t in love with this game enough. πŸ˜€

  38. San-Raal says:

    Dream party:

    Minotaur priest. Insectoid mage. Human.. Human is always so neutral…No human at all. Or human prisoner who likes to drink.

  39. mawna says:

    What is the difference between “willpower” and “resist mind”?

    btw I love how you add a twist with Minotaurs and Insectoids. Reminds me of oldies like Wizardry which was full of exotic races. Dark Sun even had half giants hehe.. I’m fed up with the standard d&d setting these days.

    • petri says:

      Willpower is the ability to cast spells and it affects the potency of magic and the amount of mana points gained. Resistances are defensive abilities and they decrease damage from various (elemental) sources and help against harmful conditions. Currently resistances are gained primarily from special items and with some rare talents so most characters start the game without resistances. We are still tweaking and balancing the system so especially resistances may still change.

      • mawna says:

        Thanks for the long answer! I thought if a person has strong ‘willpower’, that same person would be better at resisting mind altering effects. (Frodo resisting the ring OR several great monks resisting illusions and desires before reaching nirvana etc) I believe a person with strong ‘willpower’ would normally have strong ‘mind resist’ JUST my inital thought πŸ™‚

        [Currently resistances are gained primarily from special items and with some rare talents so most characters start the game without resistances.]
        I like this. btw I hope there aren’t too many special items. One problem I had with Baldur’s Gate 2 was the overflow of legendary weapons and equipment. It almost felt like raiding a museum.

  40. Hmm says:

    Dear Dev Team,
    I know you are working hard right now, spending your precious time on bugfixing, polishing the content, that you are sleep deprived…
    But please throw us a bone. It’s time for another “weekly update”. A single screenshot would suffice. PUH-LEESE.
    Your sincerely,
    A Fan.

  41. Lizzipoos says:

    This looks jiiiizzztastic!

  42. Slynt says:

    All right, I’ve read through most posts on this site and I’m still left with a couple of questions:

    1) Will there be more classes? I kind of miss the Priest class for healing.
    2) Will there be more races? Not a big fan of lizardmen, and though I notice others are happy with the lack of Elves and Dwarves…I miss them πŸ™‚ It’s not a biggie though : the most important things seems like you have covered: the atmosphere and the style.
    3) How large will this game be? How many levels of yummy dungeon? Is it comparable to, say, the “Eye of the Beholder” classics?

    I’d also suggest that when the game is out you make a “Special Edition” which costs a little more and has some wonky bonus item or whatever. Doesn’t have to be anything ridiculous. It’s just so you can earn more money and make the sequel, which I am already fervently awaiting ^^

    Oh, and please – make a great ending. That’s something the “EOB” games definitely lacked, they were kind of anticlimactic πŸ™‚

    Mad props to Finland from Norway πŸ™‚

    • antti says:

      1) More classes is definitely a possibility, even as a post release update. However, we haven’t decided on this yet. We’ll have to wait and see!
      2) Adding more races can be a little more involving than implementing extra classes. I’m quite certain that at the initial launch we’ll have 3 races.
      3) We are still building the levels so it’s difficult to say anything definite at this point. It’ll take you quite a while to play through the game, especially for the first time, but I’m willing to bet that Skyrim has more content than we do πŸ˜‰

      We’re currently working on an alpha version of the game ending and it’s looking mighty good already! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the input!

  43. RAF says:

    Why not add a choice and female, dwarf and why only 3 class??? healer class is missing and the bar Statistical stamina of fatigue will be integrated into the games??

    • antti says:

      We’re consciously limiting the amount of different races and classes we add for the first release because adding those simply means much more variables to test and balance and more skills to implement. We prefer to have a tight selection of races and classes that work well as a whole instead of a larger selection that could be more imbalanced due to time constraints.

      I know that the selection of races and classes here is almost the bare minimum for a fantasy role playing game and believe me, we would like to have more of them ourselves too but the reality of game development is that you have to limit yourself and be very careful what you commit to in adding to a game. You have to be very practical about adding new features if you ever want to get the game to a finished and well polished state.

      That being said, these aspects of the game can be expanded upon after the first release and it definitely is something we would like to do (among many other things like level editors and such).

      And thank you for your feedback! We are always open for more questions and ideas! πŸ™‚

  44. Reka says:

    Glad to see you’re upholding the long-standing fantasy genre tradition of thinly-veiled racism in your flavour text. Stay classy.

  45. mr brewer says:

    I would love to see it on xbox

  46. Best says:

    Hey our purposes simply really like your stunning blog thank you and please follow it