Our release plans

September 22, 2011|

Hey all!

We’ve had a lot of steady progress in making the game itself and in the meanwhile the release plans have also started to solidify. And like always, we want to keep you guys up to date on these things. Although do keep in mind that just like before we don’t want to label these plans as promises quite yet since a lot of things might happen in the next few months still so regard these as our goals instead of absolute truths. All right, now since we got that disclaimer out of the way let’s talk about the plan itself!

We are currently developing the game on PC-computers like pretty much any developer primarily does regardless of for what platform they are doing the product. And since our company is pretty micro-sized and we’re progressing at break-neck speeds (just the way we like it) we don’t have much bandwidth at the moment for porting the game to support multiple platforms at once. So what we intend to do is get the Windows version of the game shipped first on a 3rd party digital distribution channel and then move on to Mac and iOS platforms (and possibly some others at a later date). We’ve already done some work on iOS/Mac platforms, partly utilizing some freelance programming work, but for now getting to the finish line with these two platforms will have to wait to sometime early next year. We probably could squeeze in more platforms for the initial launch if we wanted to but that would be pretty risky since we’d have less time for polishing the game and we would have to utilize freelancers more which would eat our funds, and therefore our margin of error, quicker. So in a lot of ways this plan is primarily about eliminating risks and going through the path of least resistance and keeping things simple. All of which should result in a better, more polished game for you to play.

So, just to recap:
1. Our goal is to get the game done during this year.
2. We release on PC first, followed by iOS and Mac.
3. The game will kick ass!

124 responses to “Our release plans”

  1. asldfkew says:

    This game is looking good. But what does PC release mean?

    • antti says:

      Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and digital distribution.

    • Theldas says:

      Thank you guys!

      I’ve spent the last decade trawling the Internet for someone who’d take up the challenge of making a new dungeon crawler. From an old school gamer who cut his teeth on Dungeon Master… A big, big thank you for developing this.

      • Lerxst says:

        I see Grimrock as being a lot like Stonekeep – another Interplay dungeon crawler. In fact, the vids I’ve seen of Grimrock look a lot like a Stonekeep redo. I’m a HUGE fan of Stonekeep – having stayed up late many a night to play it in the 90’s. While I wait for Grimrock, I’m installing Dosbox and I’m gonna replay it. For those of you that haven’t ever played it – it’s definitely worth a look.

  2. android_duide says:

    I would love to see an android version!

  3. Cityshark says:

    I can#t wait for it! I so much love Dungeon Crawler Games! MAybe cause i’m generation C64 ^^ and cause i played Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master 2 ^^

    So… give me that Game! I want to see what treasures can be found there! ^^ GIVE ME GRIMROCK!!!

  4. linux_fan says:

    Any chance of a linux port? Would certainly pick this up if so. Also +1 for an android port.

  5. Capo says:

    Man, this game is just what I’ve been looking for. Well looking forward to it. Thanks for making this! 🙂
    So it’ll be released before the end of 2011? If so it’s gonna be a Christmas to remember!

  6. Cristiano says:

    +1 for Android and Linux versions =)

    • Robin says:

      Would love a Boxed Copy that would run on Linux.
      But I am willing to give wine a go for this. And if required I might even go back to dualboot (after being pure linux for about 5 years)

  7. Janus07 says:

    Put The Game On Steam

    • Robin says:

      Please DON’T put this game in STEAM.
      Steam steals from your computing freedom.

      • anon says:

        i second that. Please, please, please don’t put the game (exclusively) on Steam!

      • Wyzak says:

        How exactly does Steam steal from your computing freedom?
        Steam is the worlds largest game distributor and is digital only. It is the obvious choice.

        • Robin says:

          In it’s license stands it can take games away from you.
          Just like the Windows Vista License.

          The vendor has full legal right to tell you when you may or may not access the software that you bought from them.

          There is one game I’ve bought (killing floor) that requires steam. Since of this I hardly play it as I can’t simulate steam on my Unix systems. Even though I’ve got the technology. As there license states that if the game gets started without there specific software they can refuse you access to you.

          If you want to use steam. Go nuts. I mean its a “free” world.
          But they do steal (in my eyes) from your freedom. As they enforce DRM.

          Also a second reason is that if you buy a game. And if someone steals your password. You lose it. And that strikes me as odd. (I’ve analyzed large numbers of Malware that harvest / brute / steal steam info).

          • Robin says:

            Directly from the STEAM License:

            They install Spyware:
            Steam and your Subscription(s) require the automatic download and installation of software and other content and updates onto your computer (“Software”).

            You hire a game, not buy it:
            The Software is licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Software.

            This is from just the first two parts.

          • Luke says:

            Um.. those auto downloads are called updates, and they are required to run games. It’s like Xbox live – you need the latest updates to run and play. Steam keeps your games up to date.

            Secondly, even when you buy a physical copy of a game from the store, you are still buying a license, you don’t actually own the rights to the game, only the right to install and play it. Your objections to steam are pretty childish.

          • Keavon says:

            It’s not installing spyware… it’s installing an update. Do you have a problem with an update?

            Also, while it is easier to get your game revoked (account suspended, etc.), nearly ALL games do not let you buy them. Read the license of ANY game that you get on a disc or download directly from a developer/publisher’s website. It will state that you are not buying the game; you are only purchasing a revokable license to use the software. It is very rare to be able to actually BUY a game.

    • DAOWAce says:

      I’d rather it be released on Steam than something like Direct2Drive.

      Steam is far more convenient than most other digital distribution services.

      • Morghan says:

        If you’re going digital distribution and want to avoid the Steam issues I’d recommend going through GOG. Much better than Steam and the only digital distribution method I use. They even have a list for games that run well on Linux with Wine.

        Also: +1 for an Android and Linux port.

  8. Drosile says:

    From what i’ve seen so far the game’s looking pretty solid.Just wondering if there’s going to be any kind of shops or currency in game? also wondering about char stat and creation or if it’s going to be just a pre-designed party? ty

  9. Skurge357 says:

    +1 to the Android and Linux requests. PLEASE don’t do the licensing. Just sell the game. I’ll buy it. I won’t rent it.

  10. […] les auteurs ont annoncĂ©, la semaine dernière, les prĂ©visions de sortie de leur opus. Le jeu devrait sortir dans un premier temps sur Windows avant la fin de […]

  11. Stefan says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this game and I suspect there will be many people in their 30’s who will remember the original dungeon crawlers with much fondness.

    There is also another characteristic of my age group; an overwhelming hatred of DRM.

    I’m not against Steam. It’s a very convenient game management tool and I have a number of bargains purchased through the Steam store as well as through the Humble Bundle deals.

    What I really like is being able to download my games anywhere, at any time. Please, if you offer a Steam release, also consider making the game available for download outside of Steam.

    Yes, piracy is an issue. Steam games are pirated as much as any, so don’t rely on Steam API’s to protect you against it. The main defence you have against piracy is just making LoG as great a game as you possibly can.

    If it’s good, they will pay for it!

  12. HeavyMetalMonk says:

    I was born in 1990, but Dungeon Crawlers such as this are some of my favorite types of games. Countless playthroughs of both Dungeon Masters as well as more than a few of the Eye of the Beholder series… I love them. This will be a release day buy for me, I may buy another copy for my brother as well.

    Despite what many 14 year olds are like when it comes to gaming these days, my brother has also played through both Dungeon Master and EotB. Great stuff hahaha

    • Keavon says:

      I’m 14, and I really want the game. Never played a dungeon crawler before, LoG looks amazing. I can’t wait to get it!

  13. LONINFINITY says:

    So can’t wait. I may only be 15 but I’ve played Dungeon Master and EotB.
    And no I’m not Heavymetalmonk’s brother it just happens to be a huge coincidence.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  14. anotherzen says:

    Really looking forward to this game, and would just like to add my request for an Android version.

  15. Iakovos says:

    My last great thrill was The Black Crypt on an Amiga500. I cannot describe the sentiments I feel looking at the wonderful work you have done. If you email me in time I will be glad to preorder and so will some of my old RPG buddies.

  16. tromal says:

    Please use Steam for your 3rd party distribution channel. It’s easy to use ,it supports many payment options, not to mention the game could get it’s forum on steam and steam achievements. PLEASE USE STEAM.

  17. oznewhaven says:

    Looks really good, would look forward to a Linux & Android port as well

  18. Keavon says:

    I don’t use Linux, and my Android device would be no where NEAR the minimum system requirements, but I cast my vote on a Linux and Android port. That would also qualify you for a Humble Bundle release, if you want to do that in the future (try to get the most money from it as you can right now, though, at normal price.)

    I look forward to buying this! And I’ll definitely buy an installer plus Steam key though your website. Sure doesn’t hurt to keep the option of a (DRM free, I presume?) installer as well as Steam (which I use a lot) version.

    I also love supporting indie developers, and I know that Steam takes a huge cut, probably over half of each sale. It’s not exactly easy to make games if you get so much taken away. I’m actually surprised that Steam allows developers to sell Steam keys.

  19. Norbert says:

    Linux version please, I would buy it.

    Maybe create an e-mail address or page where Linux-fans can sign up, that will notify them once when enough Linux folks have shown interest for a port for you to start working on it, and another notification when they can buy it. Please? 🙂

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