Working towards alpha

September 18, 2011|

Apologies for the infrequent blog posts lately. We have been extremely busy with getting the game to alpha stage where we can play through the game from start to finish. Not quite there yet but getting closer every day. Anyways, some avid readers have requested a status update so here it goes (we’ll try to post these weekly from now on):

+ Save games (big change which took much longer than I had thought!)
+ Main menu and in-game menus
+ Intro sequence when starting a new game
+ 7 dungeon levels are now in alpha
+ 11 monsters are now in alpha
+ Four new item classes: cloaks, amulets, gauntlets and bracers
+ Elemental damage resistances
+ A ton of smaller improvements

Since things are getting more hectic here we have also decided to start working one hour earlier every day. That’s 8am which is a little scary to me personally because I haven’t been waking up that early for work for years. Let’s see how this works out!

54 responses to “Working towards alpha”

  1. RAF68 says:

    All this good news Petri,
    we can see what looks like the new monster??
    Have you created a monster that looks like one I would love animated armour ???
    What exactly is the new four class you speak??

  2. Captive says:

    Good work guys,looking forward to this game on the ipad.

  3. RAF68 says:

    Pétri can integrate this monster in the game??
    or have – you may already be creating a monster in armor and shield all kind of soldier ???

  4. Hunger says:

    Guys -You rocks! You Grimrocks!

  5. cichociemny007 says:

    I wish you good luck gentlemen and keep your fingers crossed for you.

    I hope that your project works out at 100% and will provide all the same joy and fun as the old titles the likes of Dungeon Master, you look nice as we stagger forward with such enthusiasm.

    When I look at what you do the memories of younger years back, good luck and greetings from Polish.

    Sorry for my English, actually not mine, just google translator: P

  6. Oskuro says:

    Really looking forward to this game. It’s looking finger-lickin-good and I love the possibility of modding using lua. Keep up the good work! (you guys even made me dust off my old NES to play Swords and Sepents)

    I’m guessing the modding won’t be available on Ipad?

  7. Moorkh says:

    No need for apologies – for a project of Grimrock’s scale and team size, you are already doing an extraordinary job of reaching out to the attendant CRPG community as it is.

    Still, I’m certainly looking forward to your upcoming updates. If I may suggest, I’m sure a lot of people are very curious about character generation and development, that is classes, abilities, skills, inventory and customization. Why not blog about your plans regarding this?

    As for individual monster requests: I for one would love to see you include the tarrasque. But then I am just a random internet stranger and you have a limited set of 11 monsters in line with your plot and setting, which makes me rather sure you have a pretty good idea what’s good for your game.

  8. Cypher9 says:

    Keep up the good work guys looking forward to the release ..been in the dark since eye of the beholder 2 and looking forward to grimrocks release … all the best !.

  9. Scalarr says:

    Keep up the good work! I know how that “starting an hour earlier” feels 😉

  10. Xoreth says:

    WoW!! I have just discovered this project and it has totally made my day.
    SO looking forward to the release. From what I’ve seen so far, I just know it’s going to be great.
    I don’t even want to see any other details or updates. Would rather just be surprised with the finnished (pun intended) product 😉

    Just Awesome!!

  11. RAF68 says:

    How many levels in the games final version??

    I hope to complete high level

  12. Graham Goring says:

    Lovely to hear an update. Lummery, I’m looking forward to this something fierce. It’ll give me an excuse to dust off my iPad for one. Assuming it runs on the iPad 1 as well as 2?

    In fact, assuming it runs on the the iPad are you considering a iPhone release as well, or would it be too fiddly to play?

  13. Hi Guys,

    Take your time to finish it. I am very looking forward playing this around christmas !

    Very looking forward seeing this on my iPad2 … 🙂

  14. andrew says:

    looks very amazing – i think its great to make a wonderful dungeons so what about a serect stairs – like a hidden floor stairs that changes to stairs – in dungeon on acorn computer i had that

  15. gluemchen says:

    Can i alpha test please? xD

  16. bobbd says:

    I know everyone’s extremely curious, but half the fun of these games is discovery. I want that air of mystery and suspense. I don’t want to know what all the monsters look like and I don’t want to know how many levels there are (hopefully more than 10).

    The downside of public alpha or beta tests is that a lot of information will get out. Even a private one under NDA is tricky. One possibility for testing the engine is to create a small test dungeon and let people hack at that.

    An advantage with the App Stores is that updates and fixes can be pushed out quite easily. Another approach is to allow in-game updating. Depending on how the internal tables are structured, it might be possible to check at startup to see whether there are any updates available and download them immediately.

    • petri says:

      Yeah, I totally understand your concerns and that’s why we are so hush-hush about the monsters, puzzles and secrets. About the beta, we haven’t yet decided whether it’s going to be open/closed or no external testing at all. Right now it seems that we don’t have resources to organize a full blown public beta… Mini test dungeon to test the engine is something we have been thinking too.

      • Skan says:

        Mini test dungeon is a great idea IMHO. The mixed sensation of discovery, mystery and fear that only a dungeon crawler like good old DM can give is priceless. Oh, and the sound fx! PLEASE, the sound fx!!! I still shit my pants when I think of the dragon steps in DM, if you know what I mean… Distant unknown sounds, or a sudden drop of water breaking a deafening silence…goosebumps!!! ;D

        • matthew says:

          I think a mini test dungeon might be a good idea, however while I also share your concerns about too much information leaking during a beta test, however, I would suggest having a close beta, and make sure you have different people with different OS systems, as what might work on one configuration, may not work on others

          I am an experienced beta tester, and would be glad to help if you need it, as Im running on windows 7 64bit and a decent rig. but certainly I would have a beta test of sorts

          but anyway good to hear about the update, as the game is rapidly sounding something major special, really looking forward to it

          so keep up the good work, and can’t wait for the beta, whatever shape it takes

  17. RAF68 says:

    I hope there will be a lot of armor in the game

  18. RafaelinEnkeli says:

    Are there going to be respawning monsters?

      • bobbd says:

        He said with an evil grin on his face and an evil laugh in the air 🙂

      • Moorkh says:

        How do they get there? Is this just to heighten the challenge or is there an in-game reason for this? For example, are there (destructible) monster generators of a sort?

        (And why don’t you ever answer my posts? I’m starting to get desperate…)

        • petri says:

          Well, there are several reasons. Spawns add certain tension and fear of unknown – you can never be 100% sure that you’re safe. Also certain dungeon mechanics need monster spawns. Of course spawns should be used sparingly or otherwise they become nuisances.

          I’m sorry that some of your posts seem to have slipped under our radar. Generally we’ll try to answer questions if we can give a clear answer but at the rate feedback is coming it’s quite impossible to answer to everybody. We’ll try to at least read and think about everybody’s ideas.

          • Moorkh says:

            Thanks for clearing that up (even though I still disagree, but that’s quite alright)!

            In fact, I was being covertly ironic about you answering my questions. Of course I think it’s great that you did, but I dislike the sense of entitlement that like cancer tends to spread among us community guys and gals when you answer so diligently, taking it for granted and becoming impatient and loud once you don’t.

  19. Christo says:

    Please keep up the great work, I’m really looking forward to this game.

  20. Marcin says:

    I have question about automap ? Will there be a map like in first Lands of Lore (magic book that automatically records the visited areas + option to write your own notes )
    This kind of stuff is very helpful, of course we can draw on a piece of paper 🙂

  21. RAF68 says:

    take your time to make a good game a very large dungeon with many different objects and treasures and please let a monster all in armor with a large shield in one hand and a big sword or axe in the other petri

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  23. Marcin says:

    When we see “Building the dungeon, part 3” news ? 🙂

  24. Tom says:

    I was so impatient, that I had to play Dungeon Master yesterday 😉

    I hope, that also a cave editor will be released, if you search for DM-Java there are plenty of dungeons available, including remakes of classical DM, DM2, Eye of Beholder, etc.

    I was also thinking about a generated dungeon, like NetHack or ADOM. From time to time I have a desire to play for a while, but I do not want to play the story … just to go through few levels, kill few beasts … Please, think about it 🙂

  25. Lizzipoos says:

    I can’t wait to play this game! I’m happy to hear that you are getting close to alpha. Keep up the good work I would say!

  26. New samsung says:

    I¡¯ve also been thinking the identical thing myself lately. Grateful to see another person on the same wavelength! Nice article.