Weekly update & new screenshot!

September 23, 2011|

Some highlights from this week: + Character generation (wohoo!) + New character race. + 4 new talents. + 2 new monsters but they need more love before they are in alpha quality. + 8 new harmful conditions to make our prisoners’ lives even more challenging. + about 20 new item graphics. + 6 new portraits. Read More »

Our release plans

September 22, 2011|

Hey all! We’ve had a lot of steady progress in making the game itself and in the meanwhile the release plans have also started to solidify. And like always, we want to keep you guys up to date on these things. Although do keep in mind that just like before we don’t want to label Read More »

Working towards alpha

September 18, 2011|

Apologies for the infrequent blog posts lately. We have been extremely busy with getting the game to alpha stage where we can play through the game from start to finish. Not quite there yet but getting closer every day. Anyways, some avid readers have requested a status update so here it goes (we’ll try to Read More »

Building the dungeon, part II

September 9, 2011|

Juho already showed how the dungeon tiles are modeled so I thought it was time to give a quick glance at actual level creation process. This is also a very preliminary tutorial for making mods – but please note that details may still change and modding support will not make it to the initial release. Read More »

Building the dungeon

September 8, 2011|

Adam wrote us and asked some insights of how we design and create our dungeon environments. I thought this would be a nice opportunity to demonstrate our asset creation methods. First we of course need an idea of what we want to depict. In this case it’s some old mossy brick wall dungeons. At this Read More »

Biz and Dev Report

September 2, 2011|

This week has been a lot busier than normal and considerable amount of time has gone to discussing the business side and various publishing options. We have received a ton of email and I think we have answered to everybody now – if you haven’t please check back with us! Because of this we haven’t Read More »