And we're back online!

August 26, 2011|

Almost completely redesigned UI, first ever gameplay video, over 60000 youtube views in less than 48 hours, lots of high profile gaming sites noticing us, web servers crashing (thanks to Notch :-D)… Wow. What a week! The amount of traffic and contact requests we are getting is simply mindblowing. We are trying to read every Read More »

New PC user interface

August 23, 2011|

Some of you people have been requesting a more lightweight interface, and we agree with you, the playable area was too small. So here is the brand new PC user interface (the old screenshots were using the iPad gui). Note that details may still change so feedback is appreciated. Stay tuned for the first ever Read More »

Skills & Talents

August 12, 2011|

Quick update! While Olli and Juho are churning out new monsters as fast as they can and Antti is working on puzzles and levels, I have been super busy with adding RPG elements for the last couple of days. Skill and talent systems are now in place and we have currently around 10 skills and Read More »

The FAQ is here!

August 11, 2011|
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Hey, just a short notification that we put up an FAQ that should answer some of the questions you might have. You can always find the FAQ link in the pages colum on the right hand side.

Hot update - Uggardian

August 10, 2011|

Countless years ago Uggardiands were summoned by powerful mages to guard the tombs of old kings. But as centuries turned to dust and once thriving civilization faded into oblivion still the Uggardians guarded the collapsed and rotten tombs of nameless kings that no one lived to remember. Uggardians were trapped and couldn’t return into their Read More »

Experience & classes

August 2, 2011|

We had a long game design discussion yesterday and one of the things we talked about was the class & xp system. Here are some tidbits: – There will be no multi-classing; party based games do not really need multi-classing and single classing helps to differentiate the characters better. Single classing also adds more emphasis Read More »