Almost completely redesigned UI, first ever gameplay video, over 60000 youtube views in less than 48 hours, lots of high profile gaming sites noticing us, web servers crashing (thanks to Notch :-D )… Wow. What a week!

The amount of traffic and contact requests we are getting is simply mindblowing. We are trying to read every email we get and every comment on the blog but it’s impossible to respond to everybody, otherwise we would not have any time to work on the game at all. All this is really humbling. We were already 100% committed to making the best dungeon crawling game ever, and now we are even more jazzed up. Thank you everybody for spreading the word and please keep doing it! :)

Here’s a small status update of what has happened after the video release and what we are going to do next:
+ it’s harder to interrupt monster’s attack sequence by hitting them (done)
+ monsters do nasty counter attacks if you keep doing the forward, hit, backward routine too much (done)
+ improved monster death effect (done)
+ super secret new monster (done)

+ improve missile logistics – we know picking up ammo from the floor after every combat gets really tiresome fast
+ prettier mouse cursor
+ and of course more levels, items, monsters, puzzles, spells and other goodies

Have a nice weekend everybody!

EDIT: over 100k views in youtube, thats crazy!


It’s finally here! The first gameplay video. Enjoy :)


Some of you people have been requesting a more lightweight interface, and we agree with you, the playable area was too small. So here is the brand new PC user interface (the old screenshots were using the iPad gui). Note that details may still change so feedback is appreciated.

Stay tuned for the first ever gameplay video! :-)


While cranking out animations for the cool monsters Juho is creating I thought I should share with you a quick sneak peak of the creepy Giant Spider’s animations.



Quick update!

While Olli and Juho are churning out new monsters as fast as they can and Antti is working on puzzles and levels, I have been super busy with adding RPG elements for the last couple of days. Skill and talent systems are now in place and we have currently around 10 skills and 10 talents implemented (more to come!). You can customize each prisoner with a point buy system and talents are special (secret) abilities that can be learned by doing various things in the game. So, skills have levels and talents are cool on/off powers. Skills are usually class specific but there are some overlapping skills as well. Oh, and we have spells now and they look sweet :) . I should really do a gameplay video about them.

And yes, we hear you, we are trying to squeeze character generation system into our busy schedule.


Hey, just a short notification that we put up an FAQ that should answer some of the questions you might have. You can always find the FAQ link in the pages colum on the right hand side.


Countless years ago Uggardiands were summoned by powerful mages to guard the tombs of old kings. But as centuries turned to dust and once thriving civilization faded into oblivion still the Uggardians guarded the collapsed and rotten tombs of nameless kings that no one lived to remember. Uggardians were trapped and couldn’t return into their own plane of existence because the ancient summoning magic was still strong and chained them into their duty. The Summoners had died ages ago and they were the only ones with enough power so summon or release beings of Outer Realms. Still to this day Uggardians roam the endless tunnels and passages of Grimrock allowing no one to disturb the eternal sleep of their kings.

Concept art:

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We had a long game design discussion yesterday and one of the things we talked about was the class & xp system. Here are some tidbits:

- There will be no multi-classing; party based games do not really need multi-classing and single classing helps to differentiate the characters better. Single classing also adds more emphasis on character generation (a party with 3 fighters and a mage is very different from a party of 3 mages and a fighter). It also allows us to add new character classes later, for example Druid, without having to worry about how they mix and match with other classes when multi-classing.
- There could be ways to bring in some class features from another class at higher levels. For example, choosing a talent or equipping a certain item could allow a rogue to gain limited access to spells. This could be very cool but first things first, let’s see if we have enough time to implement all this!
- We are implementing three core classes for starters: Fighter, Rogue and Mage. More classes can be added later if needed.
- Fighters gain xp primarily by damaging opponents with melee attacks
- Rogues gain xp primarily by damaging opponents with ranged attacks
- Mages gain xp primarily by casting spells and using magic items
- The whole party gains xp by solving puzzles & finding secrets
- Each class has their unique set of skills. New skills can be learned and existing skill ranks can be improved when leveling up.

Of course anything could still change but we are happy with these basic premises. What do you think?

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