Dungeon crafting

July 29, 2011|

Let’s talk a bit about designing and concepting our tunnels. Before we had fully planned our little project I started thinking what it would look like. At that point I only knew that we were going to do some darkish fantasy dungeon crawling game. All the options were still hanging in the air. Was it Read More »

Meet the Prisoners!

July 27, 2011|

Every CRPG needs champions and Legend of Grimrock is definitely not an exception: instead of just one player character, you control a party of four prisoners trying to escape the vast labyrinth of tunnels built into Mt. Grimrock, a ruthless, desolate and impossibly high spire of a mountain where criminals are committed to exile until Read More »

Meet Tunnel ogre

July 20, 2011|

And in the dark corner of deep dungeon, towering almost ten feet tall and weighting just under 10k triangles. He puts D as in danger into the dungeon. He’s big and he’s mean. When he starts bashing you with his stone hammer it’s definitively hammer time. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tunnel Ogre! Concept art:

The Almost Human Team

July 14, 2011|

If you’re just dying to know who are the geniuses behind a masterpiece of such grandeur as Legend of Grimrock, this post is for you! Almost Human Ltd. is a Finnish indie game studio founded in the beginning of the year 2011 by four foolhardy game developers with loads of games industry experience but close Read More »

What is Legend of Grimrock?

July 5, 2011|

If you’ve found your way into this blog, you should be interested in what the game is all about. Legend of Grimrock is a fantasy game loaded with underground adventuring, tricky puzzles, combat and role-playing elements. In other words, it’s a dungeon crawl game. It’s a genre that a lot of people consider old fashioned Read More »