June 30, 2011|

Hi and welcome to the Legend of Grimrock blog! This blog is about the development of a new awesome indie dungeon crawling game.

We’ll talk about the game in more detail in upcoming weeks while we’re working on it, but to whet your appetite down below is a teaser concept art by our very own talented Juho. This image is not just a gorgeous piece of art but I think it nails down what this game is all about: pure oldschool dungeon exploration, mindblowing puzzles and intense atmosphere in the spirit of classics like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ultima Underworld and Arx Fatalis. These games were our favorites when we were kids and to me Dungeon Master is still one of the best games ever made. So our goal is to transfer the spirit of these old masterpieces and combine them with today’s technologies, gameplay innovations and graphics to bring them to this day.

But that’s enough for now. Stay tuned!


16 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Matt Hill says:

    This first shot looks lovely! Super atmospheric — I really like this style of art, and can imagine being easily absorbed into the game with such great graphics. I didn’t notice the creature in the distance the first time I looked as it’s quite dark — he looks quite nasty and dangerous!

    What kind of gameplay are you going for? Will it be a free movement engine, or are you doing a 90 degree turn engine like the original Dungeon Master?

    By the way, I’m Gambit over at the forums – I just wanted to post here so that you get a first comment.

    • petri says:

      Hi Matt! Glad to see you here! We have been thinking about the movement model a lot. After many many experiments with free movement (e.g. in efdm project), we felt that it doesn’t really work that well. So it’s going to be tile-based and with 90 degree turns. Of course the dungeon is still rendered in full 3D so we get smooth transitions, animated creatures and all. This also fits better with our multi-platform release plans (more about that later).

  2. zurnl says:

    Can we haveit it supersized for desktop backround :-).

  3. ian_scho says:

    Good luck with the project guys!

  4. Darouu says:

    Wow. I’ve been dreaming of a proper modern remake of Dungeon Master and this looks like it might be it! Great artwork!! Top notch.

  5. Kvanttierkale says:

    I assume that the monster in the picture is Goromorg.

    • petri says:

      No mortal man has ever laid his eyes on a Goromorg so it’s impossible to confirm or deny your observation 😉

  6. Trap says:


  7. Emmanuel says:

    “From the temple of Gromorg” update.
    From this first update.

    See any resemblance or reference? 😉

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